Zendaya Coleman Against Photoshopping

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We applause you once more, Zendaya. We now have another reason to love her, not only for her delectable taste in fashion but for her morals, after she has stood up to the industry’s unrealistic ideals of women. Zendaya has publicly shamed the magazine Modeliste after they published heavily photo-shopped images of the 19 year old earlier this month.

Zendaya was sent edited pictures from the shoot, only to find that her hips and torso had been manipulated to look slimmer.

She wrote on her Instagram along with the original and retouched versions of the image: “Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19 year old hips and torso quite manipulated. These are the things that make women self-conscious that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have.”

Modeliste Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe said in a statement: “Upon review of the final edited images…we concluded that the images had been retouched to an extent that was not acceptable and not true to the values and ideals we represent and promote in our publication”.

“I, therefore, made the executive decision to immediately pull the issue in order to have this rectified and have the images restored to their original, natural state which will reflect the true beauty and radiance of Zendaya.”

Nor can we forget when Zendaya stood up to Fashion Police’s Giuliana Rancic earlier this year, who said her dreadlocks at the Academy Awards looked like they smelled of “weed and patchouli oil”.

This scandal is yet another hit to the fashion industry’s absurd ideas of beauty, after another mannequin row has erupted over the high street store Oasis. An international discussion on whether some of the leading high street shops are encouraging extreme thinness was raised after a shopper’s picture of a real Topshop mannequin went viral on social media. The mannequin’s legs were no bigger than its arms, and claimed to be a UK size 8/10.

We praise Zendaya for revealing the magazine’s ridiculous editing process, and misleading product. Yet, it is clear that the industry still has a very long way to go to get to a true reflection of women’s true beauty

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Words by Ellena Rowlin

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