Should Zara Holland have been de-crowned of Miss GB?

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The ITV2 reality show Love Island has been the talk of the town recently because of it’s bust-ups and break-ups. None more shocking than former Islander Zara Holland being split from her Miss Great Britain title.

Love Island is a reality show that sees people coupling up in a bid to remain in the villa until the very end. Everyone in the villa spends every waking and sleeping moment together, with couples also sharing a bed, which obviously means things are going to be happening underneath the sheets. In fact, Love Island producer’s have placed hundred’s of condoms strategically around the villa, so it is what they are expecting and obviously aren’t condoning it.

Sex is a huge part of the show, and despite saying she wouldn’t have sex in the villa, Zara spent a saucy night with housemate Alex Bowen in the hideaway on his first night. But if we are being honest here, most of us probably wouldn’t have known the two had sex if the commentary and fireworks going off didn’t suggest so. In fact, there wasn’t anything other than that to suggest they were having sex.

Despite other’s in the villa enjoying themselves in the same way, Zara has definitely felt the repercussions of her actions. Event organisers de-crowned  her of her Miss Great Britain title only a few days later.

The reason? They don’t condone having sex on TV. In a statement released by the beauty pageant officials they said ‘We cannot promote Zara as a positive role model’.

Stripping Zara of her title only highlights the sexist double standards of beauty pageants. Apparently they don’t have a problem with sex, even though it wasn’t until 2013 when they finally allowed married women and women with children to enter the competition because they now believe ‘a woman that is or has been married or has children can be a strong positive role model for others’. Seems they are still a bit touchy around the whole subject.

Granted, the winners do a lot of charity work and public speaking, but the women were judged on their looks and physical appearance. Heck, the Miss Great Britain website even says ‘men could enjoy watching pretty girls’

Being a role model shouldn’t include shying away from sex. In fact, being a female role model should encourage women to be proud of their bodies and show that it is okay to enjoy having sex.

Part of being crowned as Miss GB is being a positive role model to girls and young women. But anyone old enough to be watching Love Island understands that women enjoy sex, and as long as everyone engaged is consenting and is being safe, there should be no problem with it whatsoever. And if anyone under the age of 16 is watching Love Island who would be influenced by the antics of other housemates (she isn’t the only one who had sex on TV) maybe they shouldn’t be watching the show.

Words by Stacey Turnbull

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