Why I’m saying no to New Year’s resolutions in 2019

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The New Year is just around the corner and in our food filled haze, we find ourselves making the same promise we made last year (and the year before that, and the year before that…).

‘The diet starts January 1st!’, the outrageous lie spills from our lips, in order to excuse the three Terry’s chocolate oranges we’ve still got to get through before the year is out.

The successful New Year’s resolution is a myth, a legend that someone crafted a long time ago with all pure intentions, I’m sure.

However, we all still find ourselves in the same position in 365 days’ time, promising that this year will be different, that this year will be better.

But to you, dear readers, I stand before you and say no to New Year’s resolutions- not this year!

Regardless of the goals I set myself- to lose weight, to eat healthier, to read more, to drink less- I’m always left with the same sense of resounding disappointment when I get to the end of the year and see only the places where I have failed.

As I sit there stuffing my 99th chocolate into my mouth, I am filled with the desperate hope that I somehow, miraculously, will find myself instilled with the determination necessary for the New Year that I had previously lacked. So why put myself through the disappointment? And why restrict myself to only a year?

I don’t want an internal stopwatch ticking away my time, letting me know what precious days I have left to have accomplish the changes I said I would make.

So this year, I am making zero New Year’s resolutions. None. Nada. I don’t need to set myself specific aims for 2019, because they won’t be any different to my goals throughout the year.

I know the things I want to change, and how to change them, and if I don’t, then who cares? January 1 for me will bring a year clean of any and all resolutions.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a yard of Jaffa Cakes to eat and a whole new selection box to unwrap.

Words by Ellie Nodder
Edited by Aminah Khan

Hope and Vicky are your lifestyle editors.

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