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Who can say no to these great deals (and cocktails) at Be At One?

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Lifestyle editors Stacey and Chloe tried out the new cocktail hotspot and think you should too.

Students usually think they can’t afford cocktails, but with the newest addition to Sheffield’s nightlife, Be at One, Cosmopolitan’s are back on the menu.

Drinks are a measly £5 with a student card, but here you don’t get what you pay for. You get much much more. The venue is rustic and chic, think hard wooden floors and old-school American signs, and as for the drinks themselves? Luxury.


But the quality doesn’t stop there. The service is different from any of its competition. Rather than a chocka-block bar area which will leave you sober before you get served, here you can expect the 5-60-30 rule. What is that? It is a promise from the staff that you will be acknowledged within five seconds of walking up to the bar, you will be served within another 60 seconds and your payment will be taken within 30 seconds. A drink within 1:35? We are happy with that.


Another notable thing about the staff is that they are actually happy to be working a late shift (potentially the only place that happens?). Zach and Andrada, our 10/10 bartenders, told us how much they adore their job. Unsurprising really, seeing as dancing on the bar and being part of the party is encouraged. They aren’t just students with part time jobs mixing some watered-down vodka with fruit juice; these guys went through a three month training course and daily exams in order to pour you the perfect Mojito.


We attended the Masterclass: an hour and a half cocktail making extravaganza. Here, the staff teach you how to make any of your chosen tipples and get you behind the bar for a first-hand experience. It started off well with a Bellini on arrival, but then we faced the menu which features ‘just’ 86 of the 254 cocktails they have in order to decide on the two we wanted to make. But with sections dedicated to each spirit (and even ice cream based drinks) it made made browsing easier.


To start, we kept it classic and made one of the 1500 pornstar martinis the company makes everyday across the UK. And with that much practice it was unsurprisingly one of the best we have ever had.


Topping the charts for us was the Clover Club, a gin, raspberry and egg white concoction which was PHENOMENAL, and also the Brazilian Monk which was – wait for it – a NUTELLA flavoured masterpiece made with hazelnut flavour liquor and ice cream. 


We may not have managed to make our cocktails in 60 seconds, but we were pretty impressed we got it all right, and lapped up our applause when we served our own drinks.

But still, lets keep the cocktail making to the professionals!

If you want to be treated like us, you can book a masterclass for £25 per person. Or if you can’t wait and need a cocktail right this second (you probably do), you can pop down for their happy hour (which actually lasts five) to enjoy two cocktails for £10.

Hope and Vicky are your lifestyle editors.

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