When Christmas isn’t all jingle bells

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Christmas: hate it or love it, is coming – and very soon. Whether you celebrate it or not: Christmas is on the streets, in the shops and on most of our minds. With just a couple more weeks til’ the big day, I felt this post was necessary.

Christmas is portrayed widely as a happy, family orientated, special time. This idea that society constructs can increase the pressure and stress of Christmas significantly. There are higher suicide rates around Christmas… this highlights an important, growing issue.

There are endless Christmas day scenarios; not just the traditional. Not everyone celebrates Christmas – (not forgetting family disputes are evident more than ever during the festive period). Many people work Christmas day, or spend this day alone. Christmas day can remind people of friends and family that aren’t there anymore. Ever wondered how many people spend their Christmas visiting a cemetery?

This is a gentle reminder for anyone reading this the Christmas experience is different for everyone. It isn’t all jingle bells and fairy lights. Don’t scroll through social media on Christmas day and feel envious of the girl that got the Charlotte Tilbury makeup-set, or your best- friend who posts a picture of an intimate family dinner. The truth is, Instagram is only what you want to show people. You only see that 10%. Focus on your happiness.

This is a shout out to people who find Christmas day awkward and not enjoyable with that difficult aunt or condescending grandfather. It’s okay to feel that way. Please don’t think I’m a scrooge, this is just a message for you readers: don’t compare your experience with anybody else’s. Just focus on you – and the people you are closest to being happy. That is the most important thing!

Christmas can be a great time to give – this doesn’t necessarily mean spending money. Giving people your advice, time and care can be much more rewarding and special.

Think of the neighbour who lives on her own – could you post her a letter or offer to help her do her shopping? Or perhaps volunteer in your local hospital or care home. Doing something thoughtful for someone else is the perfect pick-me-up and Christmas is the perfect time for it. Try a little selflessness this season.


Words by Abbie-Joelle Skliarsky

Aminah Khan is your Editor-in-Chief

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