Vogue X Primark: High Fashion meets Fast Fashion

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Luxury fashion magazine Vogue has been criticised after forging a partnership with fast fashion retailer, Primark.

The high street retailer is known in the UK for its cheap, and often low quality, clothing.

Consequently, Vogue promoting Primark has caused a lot of controversy on social media.

Looking at all of the partnerships made this Autumn, Vogue doesn’t disappoint: from promoting Victoria Beckham’s collection to a partnership with Moncler.

So, why Primark?

Luxury brands are typical and expected of Vogue, so maybe Editor in Chief Edward Enninful wanted to show a different more affordable side to the magazine; one readers in their late teens or early 20s can go out and buy.

Vogue said itself that Primark ticked off all of the key trends at London Fashion Week: animal print, autumn essentials and knitwear.

If Primark covers so much for such a little price, why are people angry with this partnership?

On the 1-minute video which British Vogue posted on their YouTube channel, users commented: “Why is Vogue promoting the epitome of fast fashion?” or “short-lived, poorly-made fast fashion products”

However, I believe Enninful knew exactly what he was doing.

Primark has an excellent autumn essentials department right now suitable for everyone’s budget.

The products are chic and affordable so something us readers without the luxury brand budget can purchase.

In one article Vogue encourages readers to buy winter coats from Primark as they are ‘cosy, warm and have an overall casual look’.

Primark have simple or long trench coats, teddy bear coats and rain coats in a variety of colours ranging from £25 to £30, all of which are on trend this winter.

What’s more, their entire autumn department has checked patterns that resemble the classic Burberry soft-knit collection without the hefty price tag.

Primark provides consumers with items that look like luxury brands for a fraction of the price, the best of both worlds in my eyes.

Overall, I believe the criticism was expected as you don’t often see the name Vogue near anything that isn’t Dior or Burberry, I think the collaboration has made the magazine more relatable to its younger readers with a smaller budget.

Words by: Dana Raer


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