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COW is a UK based vintage retailer which can be found on West Street here in Sheffield and it is one of only five locations in the UK – the others being Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Nottingham.

They offer high-quality, handpicked products at affordable prices. These include big name brands such as, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Adidas and Levis.

I popped in for a visit the other day and realised that, despite these being second-hand items, they were remarkably on trend when it came to fabrics and style. It was clear that there was a focus on keeping up to date with the catwalk, style influencers and consumer wants without sacrificing the brands core values: sustainability, affordability and uniqueness.

Area manager, Keighan Kelly, said: “Sheffield is such a great city. It has many independent businesses and has a great vibe too. We picked Sheffield as one of our locations for this reason alongside the fact that it does have so many students. Students are our main customer for the brand in general.”

In a world where fast fashion largely dominates, unique clothing pieces can be much sought after, particularly for university students who find this a time to experiment with style and fashion. As it is located right next to the university, students can find unique pieces for all occasions right on their doorstep.

From wool knitted jumpers to bundle yourself up in during our harsh winters, to vintage sportswear, they have everything in your wildest vintage dreams and there are always a ton of new pieces every time you go in. So it is best to go in with a clear mind and something will be sure to call out to you – a dangerous trait I know from experience, but there’s always a little buzz you get when you find that one hidden gem.

I went in search of that buzz as I trawled through rails of countless, one-off pieces to pick out my top five buys for this season.


This lightweight sparkly jumper really caught my eye (anything with a bit of glitter always does), I think you could dress this piece up or down and it would be a fab Christmassy going out top as it is quite sheer and you could layer it with a bralette.


This orange pleather skirt is autumn personified! The pencil skirt shape is really flattering and I love the pumpkin vibes.


I was extremely close to buying this black velvet halter-neck crop! It is everything I love in a going-out top and the velvet is such a luxurious fabric for the price tag attached to it.


This knitted number won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but I’m a sucker for an ‘ugly’ jumper. This felt really well-made and I couldn’t help but get ‘Saved By The Bell’ vibes from it.


Another jazzy piece that called to me was this sheer silver/black long line shirt. A great piece to layer and play about with. It could definitely be worn during the day if teamed with a few layers but this screams Christmas party to me!

There were a million other items I could’ve chosen and it took all the willpower I could muster not to leave the store with my arms overflowing, but one thing I can be sure of is that I will definitely be returning to Cow Vintage – even if it is only to buy that sheer shirt of dreams.


Words by: Molly Lynn

Edited by: Holly Harper

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