Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

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Urban Decay lovers from around the globe are getting ready to put their old eyeshadow palettes to bed now that an exciting celeb collaboration with Gwen Stefani has been revealed.

Indeed, the blonde bombshell who champions the glossy red lips look is teaming up with one of the most desired makeup brands for an entire collection, which will be released in the UK later this year.

Just as we are promising to spend less money on make-up, the ‘Sweet Escape’ singer smacks us in the face with the limited edition, 15 eyeshadow shades of party season heaven. One of which named after her Harajuku dancers. DAMN YOU GWEN.

Natually, Urban Decay has kept most details of the collection under lock and key, but they have released a few teasers of the gorgeous eye palette on their Instagram account.

  Let’s be true to ourselves though, it’s only fair that we treat ourselves and give something back to the lady who taught us all how to spell BANANAS. There is NO DOUBT that we will be disappointed. Pun intended.


Words by Carly Roberts

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