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If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past few weeks then you would know that season two of Stranger Things was released a couple of weeks ago, after waiting for what felt like a life time.

Season two sees Eleven, Will and the gang (minus Barb, R.I.P) come together again to save Hawkins from an even bigger threat than just one Demogorgon.

Poor Joyce Byers is put through hell all over again when Will starts acting a little off because of his ‘dreams.’

The new season feels a lot slower in its pace but the last four episodes are action packed, reminding me of the first couple of episodes of season one.

If there was a major character turn around to be mentioned in the new series it would be Steve Harrington, he seems to have shed his ‘cool guy’ image in aid of helping the ‘dorky’ little kids he once loathed.

This season also introduces us to a couple of new characters, like Billy the bully who is incredibly confident and arrogant. Along with Billy came his little step sister Max, nearly as cool as Eleven but without all the telekinetic powers and nose bleeds.

My personal favourite new character is Bob Newby, Joyce’s new boyfriend played by Sean Astin. He is the sweetest character who, you can tell as an audience, has the most genuine feeling of affection towards Joyce.

Another interesting character pairing from this season is Hopper and Eleven. Possibly the two most fiery characters living under the same roof. It seems to involve a lot of shouting and furniture smashing.

This season also sees the storyline explore more of Eleven’s past, meeting former patients of Hawkins Lab like Roman.

This storyline also takes place outside the small town of Hawkins, which is the first time it happens in the series.

If anything, I feel like season two lives up to and exceeds the hype surrounding it. The expansion of each characters’ story just builds on the love we already had for them. The introduction to a new bunch of characters adds new flavours to the different storylines.

However it still left me with many unanswered questions; why does Billy treat Max so badly? Is Will finally ok?

Whether it be Dustin and Lucas vying for Max’s attention or Nancy and Jonathon’s awkward love story, I’m here until the very end, no matter what happens to Hawkins.


Words by Angelica Giugno

Edited by Maisie Green

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