Top 5 body positivity role models

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Of course, the queen of plus size positivity made the list. The American singer/songwriter’s lyrics spread self-love and positive energy, hypnotizing her audience into loving themselves too. Lizzo’s body confidence is inspiring to all women; the way she wears whatever she wants, dances however she wants and looks amazing in the process makes everyone want to be as confident as she is. Alongside body image campaigns, Lizzo is also outspoken on women’s rights, the representation of people of colour in the media and is an ally to the LGBT+ community. What more could someone look for in a role model?

Tess Holliday

Tess Holiday – American model, blogger and body-positivity activist – started the #effyourbeautystandards campaign back in 2013 to show the world that there is no standard body shape or size under the definition of beauty. Since then she has worked on campaigns within the beauty industry to spread body positivity. This included her being one of the first plus size women to be on the front cover of Cosmo magazine in 2018 which was revolutionary as after many years of fixating on photoshopped, slim-figured models, women of different shapes and sizes were finally represented in fashion magazines.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has helped to change the stigma surrounding body image by always been open about her struggles with her own body image, mental health and eating disorders. Her latest single, ‘I love me’ encapsulates her journey to self love. Her openness about these topics has allowed many young people to realise that the pressure they were feeling to have a perfect body was normal, and helped to circulate the need for a change in the representation of body types in the media.

Serena Williams

Although her talent on the tennis court is undoubtable after winning 23(!) Grand Slam Singles, Serena has also opened up about the comments she has received online about her body image and how she struggled with having body-confidence growing up. Alongside being a sporting role model, this has also made her a body-positivity role model as well. She does this by spreading self-love for her strong, muscular body type that is underrepresented in the media.

Shane Dawson

Men should be confident with their bodies too! YouTube star Shane Dawson is a perfect role model for male body positivity as he has always been open about his body dysmorphia and eating disorders. These topics are often only talked about in the media from a female perspective but are totally normal for men too. While he is still on a journey to self love himself, he encourages his fans to love their bodies too, and reiterates that not all male bodies have to be slim and muscular as society suggests.

Words by Ella Craig, Edited by Saya Uotani

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