This video of a prank period explosion is not OK

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Woman has ‘period explosion’ in busy London Street…and it’s all fake.

A social experiment aimed to reduce the stigma around periods has hit social media and guess what? It just reinforced the false stigma to roughly 50% of the population that periods are gross and horrific.

Yes, we can all agree periods aren’t the nicest. They aren’t sunshine and roses but they also aren’t horror-film worthy explosions that belong in Final Destination only.

The video of the incredibly unrealistic ‘explosion’, which has been watched on YouTube by nearly 400,000 people, was made by a group of YouTube pranksters, Trollstation, who claimed it to be a ‘social experiment’.

In the video, the actress Amina Maz, can be seen roaming around busy London streets asking people for a tampon, then the blood-bath begins and a heavy amount of blood can be seen splattering onto the pavement below her.

After the ‘explosion’ one woman comes up to the actress and proceeds to help her clean herself up.

Pedestrians were punished with unnecessary ‘gore’ because they failed to quickly find her a tampon. It doesn’t seem right somehow? Even as the actress receives a pad before the ‘explosion’ she simply proceeds to tell men off for not having periods too. I mean, shame on you men, not forcing your body to give you a period.

The group said that the video was a social experiment to see how people would react when a woman received her period in public. Which is all fine and dandy, but that’s not what getting your period would look like in public.  Creating falsities around periods won’t help reduce any of the stigmas women have to face.

It’s wholly unbelievable and yet I still had someone ask me, ‘No way! Are periods really that bad?’. The look on their face was pure disgust.

And I don’t blame them. Yet is this the kind of reaction the group wanted to encourage towards periods?

Can we please beat the stigmas the old fashioned way and educate people on periods seriously? Yes, every period is different but there are still a few house rules. For instance, we don’t bleed out enough blood to paint an entire pavement in one go.


Words by Jessica Green 

Saya and Hope are your lifestyle editors.

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