The return of Girls: eight life lessons from Hannah and co.

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After a break of almost a year, Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa are back and we can’t wait to see what the mid-twenties have in store for us this season. Marnie is getting married to Desi, Shosh has moved to Japan, Hannah seems happy with Fran and Jessa, well, it’s Jessa. As we know about Girls, though, things will most probably not be that easy and the show will probably be full of more realistic situations that many of us can relate to.

To celebrate the new season, we have put together eight lessons from the past six years:

1. Graduating doesn’t make anything easier – the real world is tough

Many of us are at the stage where we are about to enter real life – real life as in making enough money to live off, doing what we love. And many times, growing up means being unemployed, underpaid or worried about what is coming next.

Job security seems to be a thing of the past. Hannah has been struggling to be a writer; even we when she was about to get published, things didn’t turn out as planned. And we saw Marnie lose her job and realise that the career path she had been dreaming of was not the one employers saw for her. Nobody wants to hear that after studying and working hard for years.

And shouldn’t they really tell us why we don’t get that job after an interview? As in Shoshanna’s case, sometimes it might be better not to find out.


2. No one can tell us what the future will look like

Sometimes, things get so frustrating that we just want to fast forward five years and see what the future holds. When Marnie was saying this in season two, she probably didn’t expect to be married that soon.

When Girls first started, we got an idea of what these four girls had in mind for their future. But throughout the show, we all had to realise that reality will turn out differently. At this stage, having a back up plan and being open to new ideas might open doors we haven’t thought of. Or did you expect Shoshanna to move to Japan?


3. It’s OK to make mistakes

Almost everything in life is a lesson; lessons that will potentially make things better. If we always made the right decisions, wouldn’t our lives be boring? And even when it seems that that one decision is changing things to the negative, things will get better again.

Life means reinventing yourself, finding out who you really are, what you want and where you belong. As we see in the examples of Hannah and co, being in your mid-twenties doesn’t have to mean that you are grown up, and have found that perfect job and perfect boyfriend. It’s OK to still be figuring things out.


4. Don’t be afraid to dream big

As unpleasant as decisions might turn out to be, it is totally OK to say no to things we don’t want. We should not stop focusing on our personal goals and following the things we believe in. In Adam’s example, we saw how he turned down acting jobs because he didn’t believe in the role.

And Hannah decided to quit her writing job at the magazine because it wasn’t what she wanted to do.


5. Sometimes it’s best to stop thinking

With all the ideas we have for life, sometimes we should just let things happen and not think about them too much. Worrying and over thinking might keep us busy, but is it actually going to change or move things?


6. Being yourself is a full-time job

Figuring out who we really are and what we really want can be much harder than we imagined it to be. But it’s totally OK to only be you and see where that takes you – we should enjoy going through life as ourselves and nobody else.



7. It’s OK to not to be OK

Nobody expects us to always be at our height. And there are moments when we are trying to be strong, even though we are not feeling good at all.


8. And remember, we all are the ladies

Words by Ann-Christin Schubert

Pictures from HBO

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