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The Lockdown Lookbook

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To keep ourselves safe in this current climate, the government has issued a country-wide lockdown.

Whilst this may not be ideal for our studies, our work or our family, it is of course necessary for us to stay safe.

However, this is the perfect time for anyone with a makeup brush and palette to experiment! We have so much time on our hands to play around with colours, finishes and anything and everything in-between. What’s stopping you?

So, whilst we’re in lockdown, I’ve created a ‘lockdown lookbook’. In my ‘book’, I will post six pictures of completely different makeup looks and all the products that I’ve used, alongside my method.

You can give these looks a go, make a list of any makeup products that you might want to try out in the future and just distract yourself for a little while when boredom hits.

Here are the six looks I’m going to create:

  1. The Smoky Eye
  2. The Bold Lip
  3. The Graphic Liner
  4. The Glow
  5. The Party Glam
  6. The Neon Pop

Here we go!

1. The Smoky Eye:

The beauty of a smoky eye is that you can pretty much use any colour to create this look. I chose burgundy shades as I love this colour and it compliments my green eyes really nicely.

For this look, using my Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Vintage Vamp’ Palette, I first used the ‘Prime’ shade all over my lid. I added the ‘Enhance’ shade to build up colour on the lid and then I popped the ‘Smoke’ shade into my crease and on my bottom lash-line to add some depth, blending as I went. To make my eyes appear bigger, I added black liner into my tight-line and a thin line of liquid liner on my lid. To finish it off, using my index finger, I put the ‘Pop’ shade all across my lid and added some mascara.

A smoky eye can inject some serious glamour into your lockdown life, whether it’s for lounging in the garden or watching your third film of the day (hey, no one is judging).

2. The Bold Lip:

To be completely honest, I’m a little afraid of having a bold colour on my lips.

I don’t know why- I just always tend stick to a nude, pink or glossy look. But, like I said, now is the perfect time to experiment!

I opted to go for a red. When you’re going for a bold colour on the lips, I would always recommend pairing a laid-back or minimalistic eye look to compliment it but, that’s up to you.

Firstly, I primed my lips with lip-balm. Then I lined my lips, using the Chanel lipliner in ‘Framboise’, going a little over at my cupid’s bow as I like a plumper look, and I finally added the red lipstick. I went for Bourjois’ lipstick in 07.

I was pretty happy with the look and would wear red again. It made me feel really glam!

3. The Graphic Liner:

I have seen this trend on Instagram for a few months now and I have been dying to try it out but never dared. Graphic liner flips the traditional look on its head, and, with this trend, you can really take it anywhere.

You can use different colours, draw on different shapes- this look allows you to be creative.

I took inspiration for mine from a look that was done on Yara Shahidi by a makeup artist on Instagram called ‘Nikki_Makeup’ (I would seriously recommend checking her out, she is unbelievable).

Using my Glossier ‘Pro Tip’ liquid liner, I drew on my top line first and then drew upwards from my lash line to meet it. Although the line isn’t as neat as I wanted and my right eye didn’t go anywhere near as well as my left, I gave it as good as a go as possible.

And I loved it! It looked super editorial and chic. As I wanted the focus to be on my eyes, I added a little pop of a holographic purple in my inner corner and only put gloss on my lips.

4. The Glow:

As this look is all about the ‘glow’, the skincare prep beforehand is just as important as the makeup itself. To have a glowy face, you start with a glowy base.

Glossier’s ‘FutureDew’ is literally a bottle of glow. Before I started on the makeup, I used a couple of pumps and then applied it to my skin, as well as applying plenty of moisturiser. I put Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Hollywood Flawless Filter’ on the top of my cheekbones, a little on my forehead and on my cupid’s bow.

I kept the eyeshadow look relatively simple, adding only a little colour to the crease, and then really focused on the highlight. I applied the NYX ‘Born to Glow’ liquid highlighter to the points where I applied my Charlotte Tilbury and then added a powder highlight on top to really make it pop.

To make your skin look more dewy, cream products are the way to go, for example using a creamy blush instead of a powder.

5. The Party Glam:

I decided that, for this, I would do my classic night-out look. And do you know what that means? False eyelashes!

I always prefer to put the attention on my eyes. I used the Bobbi Brown ‘Nude Drama 2’ palette here, building colour and dimension into my crease as I went and using my smoky eye technique. With a steady hand, I drew a flick with my liquid liner and I then applied Lilly Lashes ‘Miami Lite’, to give my eye-look the extra drama I wanted.

For my face I chose to go dewy and glowy and kept my lip relatively simple again, going for a nude lipstick and adding a little gloss.

6. The Neon Pop:

For my final lockdown lookbook look (that’s a mouthful, try saying it really fast over and over) I wanted to try something completely different. I wanted to try neon.

Huda Beauty’s ‘Neon Pink’ palette was perfect for this look although, if you’re using this palette, you’re going to need to wash your brushes afterwards! These colours are super pigmented.

I chose the pink and yellow shades for my eyes. I started first with the pink and blended this out with a softer colour from the palette to make sure there were no harsh edges. I followed the same technique when adding the yellow and added the sparkly yellow shade into my inner corner.

In the end, I really liked how it turned out. Although this look isn’t the most wearable out of the six, it was really fun to do.

That’s the lookbook! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you’re inspired to go and try out some new makeup looks yourself. When are you going to have a better time to do so?

Written by Madeleine Gill

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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