‘The Good Place’, Season 3: Ya Basic !

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After a month-long mid-season break that moved up the usual cliff-hanger ending three episodes, the third season of The Good Place has ended last week.

It has been a weird one. We have followed the gang all over the place: back on earth, then together in Sidney, then split all around the world again trying to do good, then chased by the demons, then into Janet, then in the accountants’ office, into the Good Place mail room and eventually in a new neighbourhood.

It is safe to say that it has been a lot, very jittery and hard to follow at times. If in the first two seasons our characters always had one clear objective, in this third season their goal changed every single episode.

The mind-blowing end-of-season cliff-hangers that the show had become known for were on steroids this year, pulling the characters and the audience in a thousand different directions all at the same time. Yet, once it got to the finale, instead of pulling together all the loose strings into a mind-explosion, the series delivered a closing episode which was much more understated, though heart-breaking at the same time.

The characters which were so real the first two seasons, became so much more stereotyped this time around. Or maybe it is better to say that they did not grow as much as one would have expected. Jason’s nonsensical lines have become old now. We now know Tahani’s snobbish attitude, we don’t need a constant reminder of that, although it was heart-warming to see her reconnect with her sister.

And let’s not even begin to talk about Chidi. Now that he has abandoned his constant indecisiveness, he has nothing else going for him. His romance with Eleanor is hardly believable when it starts and even less engaging when it ends.

My favourite characters of the series are Janet and Michael, who change dramatically in the season and become more empathetic by learning about the humans, Eleonor also changes and (SPOILER) in the last episode must leave her emotions behind to save the day and become the architect of the new neighbourhood.

Ultimately though, the first two seasons have done such a great work in setting up these characters that it is not this third season which ruins the whole show. Even though it is not as entertaining to watch and the twists and turns of the plot are more forgettable, we still somehow care about the gang and want to know whether they will finally make it. We are so close now, better not mess it all up in the next season.

Words by: Lisa Wehrstedt

Edited by: Amy Clarke

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