The fashion trends of 2020

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Are you trying to hop on the fashion trends that are set to thrive in 2020? We’re here to give you the low down on the predicted trends for this year.

Bold Colour

This is the year to be more outgoing and bolder with colour. If there is a colour that hardly features in your wardrobe or that you have been conscious to wear out, why not start gradually introducing it over the next few months? Wearing bolder colours can often seem daunting but when neon is set to be the trend of the year, it’s important to build up to wearing extremely bright colours – especially if your wardrobe is minimalistic and introducing colour has always been something you’ve put off. Adding colourful or neon accessories could be the way to kick-start your 2020 wardrobe.


Everyone loves garments that accentuate their shape and this is why tops and dresses with corsets are here to stay. Not only are they flattering for each person’s shape, they’ll also leave you feeling fully supported. Whether it’s a corseted crop top with jeans or a slinky corseted dress with heels, if you want to feel more body confident this year this may be the trend for you.


Mesh became popular towards the end of 2019, but it’s set to be an even bigger trend this year. Patterned mesh will take centre stage and word on the ground is the floral pattern is making a comeback, so maybe flower-patterned mesh could be the next big thing. If you’re not feeling confident enough to wear a mesh top, why not wear a top with mesh sleeves. The key to mastering these trends, and finding the confidence to pull them off, is by gradually introducing them. If wearing a mesh top with a bralette underneath isn’t for you, then why not wear a vest underneath instead. It’s all about styling these trends to your taste, not completely changing your style to suit the trends.

Words by Katie Wheatley

Edited by Flora Fan

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