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The best makeup to wear for your zodiac sign

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Our love life, money problems, friendship dilemmas and even our career choices- who knew that our zodiac signs had the answers for all that?

There are the stereotypical characteristics attached to some of these star signs. Sagittarius? A bit of a wild card. Pisces? The sensitive romantic. Either love or hate them, there’s no denying that the popularity of spirituality and horoscopes has surged in recent years.

Want to embrace your inner wild card or romantic self? I’ve gathered inspiration from those very characteristics to help you embody your zodiac sign.


Typical characteristics: Assertive, Independent, Original

Aquarius’ aren’t afraid to speak their mind or stand out from the crowd. Use that fearlessness and try a bold look, such as graphic eyeliner, to show off the originality that we all love.


Typical characteristics: Fiery, Headstrong, Courageous

As one of the fire signs, Aries’ are a competitive star sign with immense passion and a beautifully deep, red lipstick would embody an Aries down to a T. Just watch out for lipstick on your teeth!


Typical characteristics: Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Impulsive

A typical Gemini hates to stay at home and is usually the most talkative person around. Embrace your inner Gemini and be the life of the party with a gorgeous glittery eye, a perfect way to help you stand out.


Typical characteristics: Artistic, Gentle, Emotional

Pisces’ can be an emotional bunch but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A soft, no makeup- makeup look with romantic, fluttery eyelashes will help any Piscean get in touch with their softer side. 


Typical Characteristics: Ambitious, Disciplined, Serious

There is no messing around when it comes to a Capricorn. Their work ethics and discipline is un-paralleled (look no further than fellow Capricorn Michelle Obama for evidence) so a strong brow look that wouldn’t budge for hours would fit a Capricorn just right.


Typical Characteristics: Creative, Unpredictable, Faithful

Whilst they may be at times unpredictable, Cancer’s love their family and home more than anything. Considering one of their key traits is being creative, think outside the box like a Cancer and don’t be afraid to experiment or mix different colours for a new and exciting eye shadow look. 


Typical Characteristics: A Leader, Dominant, Honest

Honesty is always the best policy, according to a Leo. They are natural born leaders who are used to being in charge and speaking their mind so, why not dominate the room with a grungy smoky eye that would get everyone talking for all the right reasons? Be a Leo and Boss. That. Room. 


Typical Characteristics: Hard-Working, A Perfectionist, Charming

A Virgo strives for perfection and nothing less in both their work and home life. As a hard-worker that’s always on the move, stick to practicality and go for a no-fuss makeup look such as a nude lip and a few lashings of mascara.


Typical Characteristics: Ambitious, A Love of Luxury, Stubborn

Taurus’ are so much more than their ‘stubborn’ label; they’re kind, ambitious and, above all, fierce. With a personality like a Taurus, try a fiery red smoky eye with a pop of gold for that hint of luxury that this star sign loves.


Typical Characteristics: Passionate, Brave, Has A Jealous Side

These are an intense bunch but a Scorpio is, above all, passionate. The stereotypical colours of passion are red and pink so why not play around with these in your makeup, either with a punchy lip or a pop of colour on the lash line. Scorpio’s are also brave, why not even try a colourful mascara?


Typical Characteristics: Adventurous, Honest, Optimistic

You’ll have a hard-time trying to keep this star sign on a leash. Sagittarius’ are a little wild and a little adventurous so why not channel this sign with an adventurous makeup look that no one will forget, like Coachella inspired face jewels or a punchy eye-shadow colour.


Typical Characteristics: Harmonious, Indecisive, Fair 

Libra’s hate conflict and chaos. Keep your look simple and drama free, like a Libra, with a natural glowy base and a nude lip. Who needs drama?

So, whether you’re wild or brave or kind or passionate, don’t be afraid to play around with makeup as you embrace your star sign; trust me, it will be a lot of fun.

Written by Madeleine Gill

Edited by Rebecca Curry

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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