The best dressed in Sheffield

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In a city full of students who come from across the world, style is not hard to find.

After strolling the streets of Sheffield in search of good taste, I’ve realised that style is not defined by a one-time outfit put together only for a night-out, it is about how you choose to go out every day.

Fashion is, after all, a full commitment.

With this in mind, I rounded up the best dressed people in Sheffield this week.

So what defines their style the most?

Weronika Wawrzuta, 19, BA Journalism student.

 “I try to look really classy by combining timeless pieces, minimalistic shades and colours. Simple, yet chic”



William Hallows, 21, MA History student.

“I’m wearing various bits of a tweed, a  three piece suit. My style is inspired by the 1920s.”


Tolani Idris, 20, BA Journalism, third year.

“It’s a mixture of different places. I quite like vintage clothes. I just dress how I feel on the day, so I was just feeling a bit girly today.”


Jinyan Yan, 22, Advanced mechanical engineering student.

“My style is defined by vintage clothes. I used to dress up really sporty, but I’ve changed my style this year.”


Words by Dana Raer.

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