The Team

Aminah Khan
Editor in Chief
Aspiring fashion journalist, learning how to code, with the ultimate goal of working on a women's lifestyle magazine. Obsessed with styling outfits and collecting vintage pieces.
Jessica Matthews
Deputy Editor
Aspiring journalist & photographer. Animal advocate, volunteer worker & Zara addict. Lover of art, astronomy, nature and documentaries.
Sarah-Louise Kelsey
Lifestyle Editor
19 year old Yorkshire lass, aspiring journalist and disability champion for my university. The gym is my second home but food is my first love.
Tasha Okeke
Lifestyle Editor
20 years old journalism student from London, lover of fitness, fashion, music and of all things pink & glittery.
YouTube: Living as Tasha
Laura Nuttall
Health and Beauty Editor
Journalism student at the university of Sheffield, 20 year old obsessed with Maltesers, Makeup and cups of tea.
Laura Yoshimoto Turpin
Health and Beauty Editor
Journalism student. 21. Passionate about skincare, gluten-free food and collages.
Abbie Smyth
Social Media Editor
Small town girl with big town dreams. Wanderlust with an obsession for making my 'what-ifs' reality. Loves documentaries, travelling, music, hummus and hobnobs.
Holly Harper
Fashion Editor
A fashion addict without the bank balance to match.
Sophie Nutt
Entertainments Editor
Journalism student from Leicester. Hip-hop and general music geek. Leather jacket addict and a fan of anything rum-based.
Holly Brown
Entertainments Editor
Music Guru and cocktail drinker. Zara addict, full time Rolling Stones fan girl and documentary lover.