The Team

Rebecca Curry
Editor in Chief

Geordie girl aspiring to be a magazine journalist. Skincare product hoarder, lover of all things adventure and travel, and a self-confessed Kardashian addict.

Emma Dunn
Deputy Editor

Aspiring magazine journalist with a passion for all things pink. Lover of a good book, adventures and travelling. 

Saya Uotani
Lifestyle Editor

4’11” journalist-in-training with a passion for beauty, fashion, dance, astrology, and RPDR! Advocate of layering highlighter, red lipstick, and comfy mom jeans. 

Hope Elliott
Lifestyle Editor
Studying English literature, with a love for writing and lifestyle. Lover of books. Meeting friends for tea and cake. Bake off! Exploring and walking around Sheffield.
Madeleine Gill
Health and Beauty Editor

I’m 19 and I’m a huge fan of all things beauty and makeup. I’m all about women empowerment and embracing your inner and outer beauty.

Hesther Farge
Health and Beauty Editor

Lover of all things old Hollywood and reviving classic beauty looks. Aspiring writer and poet. A small town girl with big dreams.

Flora Fan
Fashion Editor

A journalism student but an avid follower of fashion. Fashion is an instant language and I want to tell a good story.

Katerina Vyurkova
Social Media Editor

A journalism student with a keen interest for social media and PR. Travel addict, dog fan and occassional blogger of social issues through the lens of university life.