Tattoos- The Dos and Don’ts

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In April of last year, I got my first two tattoos done and I can say it was easily one of the scariest yet most exhilarating things I had ever done.

When I first started to tell everyone about my plan, I got a mixed response. “Are you sure you like your idea?” or “Are you worried about the pain?” and even “Why on earth would you want to do that to yourself?” So, now that I have gone through the whole process and ignored the concerns above, I have compiled a list of the Dos and Don’ts for those thinking about getting a permanent inking.

DO: your research

Remember that this design is going to be on your skin forever! You really want to find an artist who will make your idea a reality. Whether you’re looking for thin, delicate lines or a neon infused piece, look for your perfect artist on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook to see their style and if they have done anything similar to what you want. Keep in mind that some tattoo artists have waiting lists so remember to be patient and keep an eye out for when they open their books. Don’t forget to research the salon too- look at reviews, whether it’s sanitary etc etc.

DO: Give it time

To avoid the risk of hating your tattoo a few weeks after it has been done, my advice is to spend at least a year to get comfortable with your idea and know that you want it without changing your mind. If you do end up changing your mind, then you know that that design wasn’t right for you and it was a good idea not to rush having it done.

DO: Consider your pain threshold

There are certain areas that hurt way more than others, such as on the ribs or ankles, and you need to think abotu whether you can tolerate that pain. Some tattoos can take hours to complete and to put it lightly, they hurt. A lot. Areas with a lot more flesh, such as the thighs are said to hurt much less, so if you’re nervous about the pain, you could start there for your first tattoo.

DO: Eat!

Make sure you eat a large meal a couple of hours before your appointment to avoid feeling faint or sick once you sit down in the chair. Some tattoo artists will even let you eat something whilst in the process of having it done (I chose a lollipop) to distract yourself from the pain so bring something along and ask for permission- trust me, it’s a lifesaver.

Now, for the don’ts.

DON’T: Drink alcohol before getting it done

It’s normal to want to have a drink to calm your nerves but alcohol actually thins your blood, which can lead to excess bleeding whilst having it done. This could potentially then compromise the quality of the tattoo. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

DON’T: Pick the cheapest tattoo artist you can find

Tattoos are expensive and that’s a given- there’s a good chance that there is going to be a difference in crucial factors such as quality if an artist is asking for £20 while another is asking for £80 for the same design. Like I said before, this tattoo is going to be on your body for the rest of your life so prioritise quality over price.

DON’T: Get a tattoo on a lads holiday in somewhere like Magaluf

I think that’s just a given. Getting a tattoo is a big commitment but if you get something you really love, the pain, cost, and research is all worth it. I absolutely love my tattoos and it’s true what they say- as soon as you get one, you want to go back and get more!

Written by Madeleine Gill, Edited by Saya Uotani

Hope and Vicky are your lifestyle editors.

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