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Take the fate of your eyebrows into your own hands

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Eyebrows have shifted from being just a simple facial feature to a fashion statement. Females and males alike are spending up to £50 per treatment in an attempt to achieve the perfect brow. Tinting, waxing, threading, plucking and trimming all play a key role in the perfect brow. But the real question is, can this be done from home and still achieve a great finish?

I have decided to embark on this challenge, essentially because the only person I trust to do exactly what I want with my brows is located in Birmingham (where I study at uni). This means I was left with a predicament this summer, either take matters into my own hands or attempt to find another reasonably priced beautician who won’t eat away at my dwindling overdraft. I am about as committed as they get when it comes to brows- a brow compliment makes my day and I have ‘helped’ a good majority of my friends at uni change their ways who were brow pencil/shadow virgins before I was let loose on them.

For me, my brows are incredibly fair in comparison to my brunette hair and I find that I rely heavily on my brow shadow kit to fill in not only the colour but also the sparse hairs on my brows- particularly at the front. The picture below shows my brows in their natural state, fresh out the shower.

eyebrow 1

I last tinted them around 3 weeks ago so they aren’t as light as they typically would be however in my opinion they could still do with a top up! The product I used is also shown below – the Julienne eyelash and brow tint for just £9.90. I purchased this online, after shopping around I found it was a product that kept popping up. There were a variety of shades available and I opted for the dark brown as I felt it would match my natural hair colour the best.

eyebrow kit

At this point I must stress the importance of doing a patch test before applying the tint- even if you typically don’t have sensitive skin it simply isn’t worth the risk, especially with products you are buying online. Also, you must ensure that you don’t pluck/wax/thread your brows prior to tinting them, the product packaging recommended waiting 72 hours before tinting if you have done any hair removal. The tint was incredibly easy to mix, the kit came with all you needed! A brush, small glass mixing jar, tint and developer all under a tenner- an absolute bargain in my eyes.

eyebrow 3

A small squirt of the tint and a few drops of developer created the creamy dark brown consistency I was looking for. At this point I took to my brow shadow kit and lightly filled in my brows in order to guide me when applying the tint. I painted the tint on, and left it to do its thing for 5 wonderful minutes. I found using a cotton bud was helpful to tidy up an excess tint to! After the time was up, I used a damp cotton wool pad to thoroughly remove the tint and the job was done.

eyebrow 2

The result? My brows looked great – the colour took really well and they were as full and dark as they could be without pencil. In future I may leave them a little longer to achieve a darker colour but generally I was really pleased with the finish! My advice to any sceptical readers- do not be scared of taking the fate of your brows into your own hands, you’re right to approach with caution but the money you could save in the long run makes it more than worth it!

Words by Kirsty Whitehead

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