Student Living: How to save more and spend less

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All of us know, whether you moved out or stayed out home that life as a student is expensive business.

With bills to pay, travel costs and nights out to fund, being poor is the norm and it’s a way of life we have all had to adapt to.

However, that’s without using these top tips to save some money and spend less.

Tip 1: Use cash not card:

I know how crazy that must sound with the recent development of contactless payments but hear me out. One of my main rules, especially when I go on a night out is to always take cash so I know how much I started with and therefore what I’ve spent when I get home. It’s always nerve wracking the next day checking your bank balance, trying to remember how many times you waved your card in front of a machine without even checking the amount displayed. Alright, cash may take that minute longer to do but you can keep track of your finances that little bit easier.

Tip 2: You have to spend to save:

This might sound even more ridiculous but it has really helped me out the past few months. Whenever I go on a night out I take what I think I’ll need and then a few pound’s extra for emergencies, that way I don’t overspend. Then the next day when I see what’s left, any change which I have I bob in a little pot, sometimes its 50p other times it’s £5 but over the weeks it adds up.

Tip 3: Yellow sticker shopping 

I learnt this trick off my boyfriend who works late nights in a supermarket. If you go into Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s an hour or so before they close, they will have loads of reduced items ready to be snapped up. I know your first thought is probably “of course they’re reduced, they’re almost out of date” – which is true. But what’s wrong with buying say a cottage pie or some chicken on the cheap and bobbing it in the freezer? Nothing that’s what. And when you’re stuck on what to have for tea and think you need to go out to the shops, well you don’t it’s right there in the freezer for you.

Tip 4: Make lunch instead of buying it out

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from saying don’t get that KFC or Subway you’ve been craving all day – just don’t do it everyday. A few days a week just make your lunch the night before and that way you can avoid the temptation of buying it whilst you’re out because well, it’s already there.

Tip 5: Buying in bulk 

Now this doesn’t mean doing all your shopping in one go, it means buying certain items when possible. For example Tesco sells a 500 gram bag of basmati rice for £2.65 or a 5kg bag for £5.70, which means to buy 5kg in 500 gram bags would cost you £26.50 for the same amount.. So buying the 5kg bag in one purchase would save you a ridiculous ,£20, and that’s just one example, think of the endless savings.

Words by Sarah-Louise Kelsey



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