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Staying healthy over Christmas

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Christmas is literally the best time of year – I love it! But all those late nights, hangovers and mince pies will do your body no good (even if they are good for the soul). I’m in no way telling you not to enjoy yourself, because that is ridiculous! These are just a few tips to ensure you keep healthy, and look and feel gorgeous in your NYE dress after all that eating and drinking.

1. Eat well throughout the day

I know for a fact people have a habit of not eating during the day of a big party so they can save calories for all the alcohol they are going to drink (or so they get drunk quicker). This is a terrible idea! Not only will you have a truly horrific hangover the next day if you drink lots on an empty stomach, you will be bloated and lack energy the next day – also intensifying the hangover. This means you will just reach for any food in sight in hope of a cure, thus continuing the cycle.

It’s much better to eat small, nutritious meals throughout the day to ensure your normal body function is maintained, as because alcohol is damaging to a fully-functioning metabolism. Porridge is good to have for breakfast as it keeps you full. Eggs are also great as the protein really fills you up without bloating you.

If you really are a dessert lover, like me, try experimenting with recipes to see if you can make your favourite Christmas treats a little healthier. Deliciously Ella is a great healthy eating blog, check out her guilt-free gingerbread men recipe. This is a great way to keep your waistline in check and also get in that family time – my sister definitely loves to bake!

2. Keep hydrated

This is one of my most important tips: you must drink water! Drinking more water flushes out any excess water your body may be holding so you will actually look less bloated – great for you bodycon lovers out there. Staying hydrated throughout the day will lessen your hangover. I suggest drinking a small glass of water between every few drinks and also I always drink a solid 2 pints when I get home from a party before I go to sleep. Ta da! A headache-free morning!

If you find pure water a little boring, add lemon wedges or cucumber to give it a little flavour, also very good for ridding the body of toxins. Boiled water with a lemon wedge is great for flushing out the body, so I definitely suggest this the next morning. You can also add strawberries and raspberries to your water.
Green tea is also a good one for preventing bloating. If you don’t like the taste of green tea on its own, try a flavoured one. Grapefruit and pineapple by Twinnings is my favourite!

3. Set realistic exercise goals

Exercising is purely a habit for me, so no matter how hungover I am, I will most likely go for a run or do a little home circuit just to get me sweating a bit. Exercise is good for a hangover as the sweating actually releases all the nasty alcohol from your body. Mind you, be sensible – if you are still a bit drunk and dizzy, wait till later in the day!

It can be awkward to get into a good exercise routine over Christmas as gyms are shut and you’re probably busier than usual, but don’t forget you can always exercise at home! There are some great videos on YouTube that can easily be done in your living room without any equipment. Also, I recommend trying Blogilates, pilates with a difference – Google it!

You can also get in a bit of exercise whilst keeping up family time, maybe you could all go for a walk together. Every little helps.
4. Rest

Christmas is a very hectic time with all the parties and visits etc, but its very important you get enough rest. Not only will lack of sleep take its toll on your patience and brain function, your body will show it too. Dull skin, lack-lustre hair and bloating are all signs of partying too hard. Getting home at 3am is great until you remember you are setting off to visit that distant Auntie at 9am the next day! If it’s hard to get in more sleep at night then work some naps in during the day; 20-30 minute naps are perfect for perking you up and are short enough to not be anti-social.

Christmas is the time to indulge, relax and have fun. I hope these quick tips help you all do that whilst still maintaining your health! Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Liberty Belle.
What are your top tips for staying healthy over the festive season? Tweet them to us at @LibertyBelleMag.


Words by Kelsie Marsden

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