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With all of grandma’s cookies it’s hard to stay healthy during the holidays, especially with the cold weather approaching. I know my motivation to hit the gym is at an all time low, but I thought I’d share some tips to staying in shape this winter.

Stay Active

Try to head to the gym at least three times a week, I know this might be difficult since we’re always so busy during the holiday season, but try to make an effort! Even if you can’t make it to the gym, walk your dog, or go on a jog outside. There are so many ways to stay active, find them and try them out.

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I know this seems silly, but staying hydrated reduces appetite, and fuels your body and helps to maintain weight. Water is also great for your skin, so add some lemons, limes and chia seeds to spice it up!

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I just finished my 28-day teatox with Skinnymint Tea, and I have to say I am very impressed with the results. You have your tea once every morning and then once every other night. The results of this teatox is a cleanse of your system, you’ll feel more full, and actually see a weight reduction in your tummy. I rely on this tea for special occasions or just when I feel I need to kick off my diet. I’ve lost about four-to-five pounds just within the first few days.

I must reiterate that I still eat three healthy meals per day when using the product, and I drink water very regularly. It’s important not to neglect your body when it comes to dieting.

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Cut Back On Treats

Why does this seem impossible? Well it’s close, but we can avoid those extra empty calories (or at least try). Instead of indulging in all the holiday sweets maybe limit it to one or a few a day rather than stuffing your face. I know this is one of the best things around the holidays, but if we want to keep that figure try to cut back on all of those sweets, especially late at night. Santa Clause is the only exception to cookies after midnight.

You can order your Skinnymint Tea here: (
Happy Christmas,  spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the festivities during the best time of the year!

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