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Spray on nail varnish is a THING

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The worlds first spray-on nail polish has landed, and is set to change the way we polish our nails forever.

Meet the nail paint in a spray-can created by the girly wonders from Nail Inc who have managed to set the record for the speediest manicure EVER.

No more having to open doors with your feet or picking things up with your teeth… oh no.

This is a nail polish revolution. The paint spray can is available from 12th November and works by spraying over your base coat. You shake and spray the can over the top of your fingertips and wash away any excess with warm water or a face wipe. ASAP, I presume. Unless you want to look like the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz.

The revolutionary spray can is only launching in 2 colours however – so no spray on Santas yet *sighs*. Nails Inc are set to issue girly must-haves colours, hot pink Hoxton Square and the silver Shoreditch Lane within the next two days. So keep a beady eye out.

Whatever will they think of next?

Words by Carly Roberts

Pictures from Instagram – Nails Inc

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