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How To Spend Easter If You’re Alone At Uni

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Easter: not quite as hyped up as Christmas but still not a holiday you want to be sat alone for. But when deadlines (and overdrafts) call we can’t all skip home for a long weekend of bunnies and rainbows. So if all of your housemates finished their work early and have packed up for an indulgent weekend of Mum’s cooking whilst you’re stuck in the library, here’s how to re-create the magic for one:

The Easter Egg Hunt

No going home should never mean no chocolate. Take an afternoon to search your high street for the best egg you can find, and I’m not talking the £2 Mini Egg version your Nan gets you every year. Explore new shops that your wallet usually steers clear of, like Hotel Chocolat or Marks & Spencers… there’s some surprisingly good deals out there, like these Marc de Champ and Amaretto Mini Eggs, and they only get better on Bank Holiday Monday. There’s nothing quite like eating reduced gold encrusted chocolate in your pyjamas at 6:30pm.

The Roast Dinner

The favourite tradition of them all: the humble roast. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at home… sure you might not be able to compete with your parents roasties but you can make a hearty dinner for no more than a few quid. If you don’t think you could hack a whole roast chicken most butchers do ready cooked legs or breasts so that all you’re responsible for is the veg and gravy, or if you really fancy getting in the spirit of things Asda has these lamb shanks on offer too.

The Sunday Walk

For some a walk is a nice way to get the family together and help digest the copious amounts of seasonal treats that have been devoured (see above). If you’re a student then the chances are you live in a beautiful city with a lot to explore, and my bet is that the only real walk you’ve been on has been from one pub to the next. By all means make a pit stop for a pint, but try to get out for a couple of hours. A big city park, historical landmark or even the back roads you’ve never turned down can give you the fresh air you need. A stroll is also a great way to motivate yourself to do that work you’re meant to have done.

The Post-Dinner Games

What is a family holiday without Monopoly? Whilst moving the shoe around the board alone might not scream ‘FUN’, there are other ways to play that don’t require 2-4 players. Since commuting for a work placement had me bored to tears, I’ve recently re-discovered Sudokus thanks to the middle page of the Metro. They are such a fab way to de-stress and unwind for the day because you physically can’t think of anything else whilst looking for where that five goes. Get a pocket book or a newspaper and complete the puzzle pages, or as an alternative download a game app like Episodes (or Tinder) to just relax. Because that’s what long weekends are about, isn’t it?

Words by Chloe Gray 

Saya and Hope are your lifestyle editors.

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