Songs you should listen to on a rainy day

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With this constant horrendous weather recently, Liberty Belle has created a shortlist of songs you should add to your rainy day playlist.

I have a confession to make- I really enjoy listening to sad music. If a song is played in a minor key, or if its lyrics reflect an existential crisis, I immediately add it to my Spotify playlist. There is something so therapeutic about being able to listen to your darkest feelings being sung through a catchy melody. 

What better way to listen to sad music than on a rainy day?

Whether you’re taking a walk outside, or just melodramatically staring out a window, these songs are guaranteed to make you appreciate the atmosphere rainy days can bring.

1. Why Does It Always Rain on Me? – Travis

This song may be a decade old, but it’s the simple tune and its thoughtful lyrics that can still be appreciated today. The Scottish rock band’s most popular song is from their album “The Man Who”. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re experiencing a rainy day – both literally and metaphorically. 

2. The Last Romance – Raleigh Ritchie

Game of Thrones fans will appreciate this song and the artist. “Raleigh Ritchie” is the stage name of Jacob Anderson (aka Grey Worm). “The Last Romance” comes off of his 2016 debut album, “You’re a man now, boy”. Anderson’s gentle yet powerful voice can set the mood for a romantic evening. 

3. One of those days- Gabrielle Aplin

Aplin is one of my favorite artists. “One of those days” is one of her gentler songs from her recently released album, “Dear Happy”. The song starts off melancholy but then progresses into a more upbeat tempo. This is best to listen to on a rainy day where you want to wallow in sadness but then be eventually cheered up. 

4. Love is Hard Enough Without the Winter-Luke Sital-Singh 

This is perhaps the saddest song of all the recommendations. This song is released on his 2019 album, “A Golden State”. Sital-Singh is my go-to artist for rainy days. His guitar riffs are soothing, and his lyrics resemble that of a lullaby. It’s the kind of song you can play softly in the background as you sleep. 

5.Harry Styles- Falling

This emotional ballad is from Styles’ recent album, “Fine Line”. You can hear the heart-break in Styles’s voice as he sings about his insecurities in a relationship. The lone piano music makes the song seem even more intimate. 

Written by Stephanie Lam, Edited by Victoria Sales

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