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Shrove Tuesday in Sheffield

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Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras. Whatever day you may call it, it’s one day dedicated to whisking jugs of batter, whacking the heat up for your frying pans and creating flipping disasters or delights.

Whether you like thin, crêpe pancakes or thick, fluffy ones, there’s hopefully a pancake out there for you to enjoy this Shrove Tuesday. Unless you don’t like pancakes of course… (a discussion for another time)

If you don’t fancy making your own and you happen to live in Sheffield, here is a pretty extensive list of places who are offering pancakes. Apologies in advance for any involuntary drooling which may occur due to the Instagram photos.

The Cabin

When you put the two words ‘pancakes’ and ‘Sheffield’ together, The Cabin seems to come to mind for many of us. If you are a fan of thick, fluffy, American-style pancakes then this is a shout. The portions are generous and there are an array of toppings to choose from in order to customise your pancakes to your liking. The Cabin also serves authentic Canadian maple syrup to accompany your sweet treat or bacon-topped dish. Queues can be considerably long on weekends and likely on Pancake Day, but these pancakes are definitely worth the wait.

If you’re not a pancake fan, The Cabin also offers waffles which can be sweet or savoury, such as this one below which has a creamy mustard sauce, mushrooms and a good dollop of cream cheese. The also offer vegan pancakes, and potentially gluten-free ones if you notify them in advance.


Upshot is not far from the University of Sheffield since it is situated on Glossop Road, therefore if you have a hankering for pancakes this coming Tuesday in between lectures head here. Upshot are hosting an event full of pancakes and alcoholic beverages, or top quality coffee if you prefer. But get in there fast as they have made plenty of bookings already. Look out for these rhubarb-topped pancakes if you want that sweet and sharp hit.

Ellyjoy at Cutlery Works

Now, I know these aren’t pancakes but I couldn’t resist. Ellyjoy at Cutlery Works in Kelham Island is renowned for three things- doughnuts, waffles and froconut. If you just fancy something sweet other than pancakes then take a visit to Ellyjoy. I am sure you’ll be just as content, if not more, by her creations as you would if you had a pancake.

The Grind Café

Another Kelham establishment, but this one is a brunch favourite. Pile up the pancakes here whatever the day and you will be satisfied.

Birdhouse Tea Company

Birdhouse are not just known for their tea, their brunch game, including pancakes, is particularly strong. This restaurant offers multiple pancake dishes to choose from, with vegan options available. The restaurant is open until late so you can get your pancake fix. Or why not accompany your pancakes with a tea-infused cocktail?


Marmadukes are offering some interesting and creative pancake combinations. They seem to offer a range of textures to their dishes such as smooth creams and sauces, crunchy crumble toppings or nuts, as well as their pancakes. These pancakes are light and fluffy, yet oddly square-shaped, but don’t let this put you off.

Church-Temple of Fun

Make No Bones are the creative, meat-free geniuses behind Church-Temple of Fun’s menu and they will be offering stacks of plant-based pancakes. They have both sweet (the acai ones sound great) and savoury (accompanied by tofu scramble) ones to choose from.

Unit Sheffield

Unit Sheffield is a little bit hidden but just a stone’s throw away from The Moor. Think diner vibes at this restaurant with the menu full of burgers and of course, pancakes.

Sundaes Gelato

For the ice cream lovers there is Sundaes Gelato. If you are desperate to have pancakes and ice cream together this is the place. Situated not far from The Diamond means you can abandon your work for a bit to enjoy some sweet sensations.

The Lost and Found Sheffield

Found on Ecclesall Road, The Lost and Found is fancy. This restaurant is for your brunch needs which is accompanied by bubbles. You can enjoy buttermilk pancakes as part of their brunch menu.

Alyssum Café Bistro

For those in the Crookes/Crookesmoor area (or you fancy the hills), go to Alyssum cafe bistro. It’s rather quaint and cosy and serves delicious cakes and goddess bowls. They also offer a few pancake options, including baklava pancakes, meaning honey-drenched, pistachio-topped and rose-infused thick pancakes. A heavenly combination. The cafe is quite a squeeze so get there as soon as possible.

Words by Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd

Hope and Vicky are your lifestyle editors.

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