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Mint is the shop with an undisputable hippie vibe. Upon walking in you are greeted with some beautiful ethnic music and faced with every household and clothing item you could think of, to suit this. It’s a haven for those who want to decorate their room with little ornaments and fill it with the smell of burning incense. It’s also the best place to go for all your festival needs, if you want to rock up in the most comfortable and wavey garments on show.

I visited this graffiti clad corner shop to get a feel for the style. Camden town is a haven for these sorts of shops, selling everything from oil burners to harem pants. But in Sheffield, we are more accustomed to the abundance of vintage shops. Mint is different. Manager Aura said:

“We are the only shop in town like this and it is most convenient for shoppers. People stock up on incense.”

The incense in question is their bestsellers, namely the ‘Wildberry’ collection; which is popular for its mix & match option. You can chose from over 20 fragrances, and fill your bag with your favourites. After a long time spent sampling each paint dipped and infused stick you leave with a collection consisting of everything from Arabian nights to Honeysuckle.

Sold separately but matched in popularity are the oil burners, cute handy sized clay pieces in green and red shades, engraved with moons and stars.

Clothing is another main attraction in Mint. Don’t come here for boring, off the rack clothes. You will find everything from striped harem pants to elephant printed maxi dresses. They stock clothing that is made in Nepal and India by suppliers they trade with. Their men’s shirts are best sellers, as they target both genders alike and are temptingly old school. They are pinstriped and suited to a muted range of earthy tones and twilight blues and purples. Traditional collars are replaced with flat ones and a three button design, taking the shirt straight from office style to backpacking across Asia.

In the same vein are the ponchos, which are imported from India. They are styled as easy to throw on, comfortable, “one size fits all” acrylic and wool mix. As with the shirts, they come in a striped design and conform to the same autumnal and twilight colour scheme. This would be the perfect piece to layer up with this autumn, as cape-like cover ups are right on trend. The addition of hood, pull string collar and tassels gives this poncho some originality and edge; something you won’t find in your nearest high street store.

Harem trousers are the final popular choice for Mint customers. I can see the appeal, as these distinctive trousers would make your Sunday pyjamas seem restricting. These colourful numbers come with an elasticated synched waist and in a rainbow range of stripes you could only dream of. They are baggy in the leg until they reach the ankle, where they become synched in again. This gives you the room to move about in wonderfully baggy bottoms, but the tight waist and ankle keeps it looking feminine. These pants are exactly what you need if, like me, you want to be comfortable on a night out but jeans just don’t do it for you.

Finally comes the favourite bag; the elephant backpack. This bag is under £20 and printed with yellow elephants and flower designs, similar to the mandala designs that have become such popular tattoos. If this isn’t your cup of tea they also sell a wacky range of tote bags, the kind that seem to have never ending space. Think about abstract patchwork art and you have this one-shoulder bag nailed.

Mint also stocks dream catchers, hanging from the ceiling, tie-dye t-shirts for those of us who aren’t afraid to admit we love this 70s vibe, jewellery, semi-precious stones and a whole range of Santoro goodies.

I’d like to leave you with the knowledge that Mint has a niche target audience, but it knows exactly how to cater to that market, and convince others they should dabble in this world of hippie clothing.



Words by Sian Bradley

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