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Our fashion writer Sian Bradley visited Collard Manson for the third instalment in our Sheffield Shopping series. 

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Nestled along the stretch of Devonshire Street you will find Collard Manson, an undeniably beautiful store which stocks unique jewellery, homeware and clothes. This is the place to visit if you need a statement piece to work your wardrobe around. The décor is instantly distinguishable as a representation of their brand, which is gothic with a lustre feel. It is very easy to get lost in the beauty of the store itself because the brand managers have paid extreme attention to detail, filling the brick lined walls with decoration fit for a hidden treasure trove. The consequential look is very captivating.

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I spoke to Shane who told me about their best seller bags and hand-crafted jewellery.

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One collaborated collection of jewellery is called “Window dressing the soul” and features antique silver, which is carefully remade here in Sheffield. They evoke spirituality and the best seller item is their Latin inscribed bangle. The writing translates to “to not be afraid” in English.

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The bangles are accompanied by delicate necklaces with long draping chains and sometimes religious pendants. They come in silver and gold or black plated silver and are displayed gracefully on top of open books in a velvet lined case.

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The range has a luxurious aesthetic with a raw edge of the urban underworld.

Their best sellers are their bags, which are Italian leather and the entire collection within their store is made in England. The leather is pressed into rose and floral designs and comes in a range of useable sizes and shades of black, burgundy and brown. They have a quintessentially and authentic Italian feel.

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Best-selling ranges aside, the homeware and clothing in Collard Manson is just as judiciously picked and presented. There is no place for gaudy garments in Collard Manson’s brand, and their A/W collection is reserved for a neutral palette, mildly distressed fabric and a moody vibe. My favourite pieces were the velvet shirts and jackets in chocolate box shades of purple and gold. The majority of the line is tailored with frayed edges and a utility, baggy fit.

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Visit Collard Manson to fill your home with rustic décor. There’s a surprising range of homeware compacted into the relatively small storage space. I was drawn to the henna-painted candle holders, painted bug adorned notebooks and paint flecked photo frames.

Collard Manson is a well-loved brand in Sheffield and each year they take their wares to a pop up shop in Meadowhall. This year it’s around until Christmas and you can find it on 7 Park Lane.

Their stock consists of their own clothes and they also source their favourite designers, from places including Germany.

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Collard Manson pride themselves on their brand buying into things which they find interesting and different. They hope to offer customers an alternative to the high street whilst still being wearable.

The good news for those of us still in education is the 10% student discount that will give us that extra reason to bag a designer feel garment.

Words & Photographs by Sian Bradley


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