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Serums: your skincare saviour

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Our editor, Lucy, gets down with the beauty product your skin needs right now. Try one of these and you won’t be disappointed – she guarantees your face will thank you for it!


I know that you love your trusty moisturiser (I love mine too) but the fact is it probably isn’t doing as much good as you think it is. Moisturisers will leave you with soft skin, but won’t treat the plethora of other skin problems there are out there in the way that a good serum will. They also soak into your skin in a matter of minutes so are therefore perfect for those of us who don’t have time to deal with a long skincare routine in the morning (me).

The best way I’ve heard to describe the difference between moisturisers and serums is courtesy of beauty guru Sali Hughes: serums are like the ibuprofen you take to treat a headache, whereas a moisturiser is the blanket you curl up on the sofa with to feel a bit better.

In other words, serums resolve problems deep in the layers of your skin, whereas moisturiser is a surface thing. There a much more concentrated formula, so whilst they may seem a bit expensive at first, you’re getting a lot in there so try not to panic.

Here a small selection selection – tried and tested – of my favourite serums, although there so many great ones out there.

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Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful Radience Serum

sgserumThis may be the cheapest serum on the list but that doesn’t mean it’s not a big contender.

I love this serum – the peach extract in it means that it smells good enough to eat (please don’t eat it, though). This serum targets dull skin that needs a bit of extra glow and leaves you looking healthy and refreshed.


£13 (currently down to £10.40) at Boots.

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Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful Radience Serum

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