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Scarily easy Halloween make up tutorials

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The vampire is one of the more traditional Halloween costumes, but the key to the look is the make up. Throw on any black outfit and with this look you’re good to go. This look is perfect if you’re looking to create your costume on a budget, or you decided last minute to go to that house party.


Sugar Skull make up looks can be quite intimidating as they can sometimes be unnecessarily complicated. This look is a simpler take on the trend, but still sticks very closely to the theme.


This deer inspired make up look is a cuter way of doing Halloween fancy dress. Again, perfect for a last minute costume as the look is all about the face, and can be put together using make up that you already have in your bag.


Metallic clothing is on trend this season, and combined with this make up look, you can be rocking the mermaid look. Not the scariest costume, but definitely cool. For the first time since the 90s, blue eyeshadow is back.



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