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Reviews From A Mini Shopping Splurge

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Who doesn’t love a little shopping splurge every now and then? 

Payday comes by, your bank account doesn’t look as terrifying as before, and the urge to spend kicks in. It’s fine! It’s normal! It’s fun.

So, when I got paid this month, I couldn’t resist buying some things that I’ve had my eye on. Cue… the Huda Beauty Lilac Obsessions Palette and the Natasha Denona Love Palette!

(Does it really count as a splurge if you only bought two things? Who cares? I’m a student and this is the only size splurge I can afford)!

After trying both Natasha Denona and Huda Beauty for the first time only two years ago, I’ve been in love with the brands ever since and more and more of their products have crept into my beauty stash. Once my order had arrived from Cult Beauty, I could barely contain myself with excitement.

I’m going to start off with the Lilac Obsessions Palette.

This palette contains nine gorgeous colours, featuring shimmers and mattes to a stunning marbled shade. Even with my extremely pale skin, when swatching, the lightest colours stood out above my freckles. So far, I was impressed.

I spent the afternoon playing around with the palette and finished with this look. The colours blended easily on my lid and although I had to rub a little bit at the shimmers to pick up the product, once they were on my eye they looked amazing. Warning: if you were to buy this palette, I would do your eyeshadow before doing your base as some of the mattes were a little powdery and had fall-out.

I couldn’t actually find the names of the colours anywhere so I’ve numbered them 1-9, with the numbers going across. I started by putting number 7, the light lilac shade, all across my lid. I then mixed number 1 and number 9, the darker purple shades, and added them into my crease. To soften the blend, I went in again with number 7 and went over the edges. I finished the look by adding number 2 to my lid and number 3 in my inner corner.

I think you could really go anywhere with this palette, whether you’re going for a nice day-time look or a more glamorous eye; it’s a versatile palette. After trying these pastels, I’ve got my eye on Huda’s other pastel palettes too. Sorry, purse.

Now, moving on to the Love Palette.

We had a little disaster with this one when it arrived in the post. Two of the colours were missing! Just two pans had an empty spot, where the shades should have been.

I emailed Cult Beauty and they were great. They sent me another palette and they swapped it for the damaged one. I think it only took a week for everything to be sorted and it’s amazing that they’re still up and running during this time.

I already have a Natasha Denona palette, one of her mini palettes of five, and I absolutely love her eyeshadow formula. I haven’t tried another brand that has matched this brand’s standard, honestly.

These colours are so pigmented it’s incredible! All of the swatches were with just one swipe. Although the brand is expensive, it’s worth every single penny.

When creating my eyeshadow look, I used as many of the colours that I possibly could. I think my favourites have to be either the matte shade ‘Heart’ or the shimmer ‘Giving’. To make this look, I started by putting ‘Valentine’ across my lid and then added ‘Intense’ into my crease. To deepen the crease slightly, I used ‘Heart’ and then, to soften the edges, I blended the eye with ‘Valentine’. Using my index finger, I popped ‘Pure Love’ and ‘Giving’ across my lid and put ‘First’ in my inner corner.

I am in love (no pun intended). The eyeshadow was so easy to blend and because it’s a slightly bigger palette, you can create so many different looks.

The ‘Lilac Obsessions’ palette was £27 and the ‘Love’ palette was £60, both of which I bought on Cult Beauty. Have a ‘splurge’, go on! It’s a win-win situation for anyone, apart from your bank account.

Written by Madeleine Gill

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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