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I had heard so many people talk about Tiger King and needed something else to watch in lockdown after binge-watching nearly every series out there. I decided the Netflix series was definitely a must-watch and being a lover of a good documentary, it was a match made in heaven!

Well, from the first episode I was hooked. I nearly got through it in one sitting! The series is intense and keeps you wanting more. It opens a new world that we often don’t get to see, from the abuse of exotic animals to potential murder. 

The focal point of the series takes you through the real underworld of private ownership of ‘Big cats’ in the US. It primarily focuses on the character Joe Exotic and his feud with Carole Baskin, as well as other private owners of tigers and their profit-making “zoos”.

Each episode flows so well onto the other with more information being unearthed.  Honestly, I was shocked at the fact that this was real life with how well-scripted every episode seems. It has juxtaposing characters and really gives us an insight into the big cat industry and the abuse of such beautiful animals.  

A short review but honestly if I went into more depth I’d give too many spoilers. PLEASE GO WATCH IT! You won’t regret it, especially if you’re a fan of a good, thrilling documentary that keeps you talking about it all week!

Written by Olivia Ann Schofield

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