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When my friends dragged me to the cinema to watch ‘Joker’, I groaned with apathy. I’m not a film person in general but DC Comics films – or any sort of action/superhero film are my least favourite.

However, Joker pleasantly surprised me. 

Not only did I realise it was more of a dark thriller than your classic Batman film, but it told a chilling story which was drawn more towards real-world troubles rather than capes and superpowers. 

The film follows the life of the infamous protagonist Joker, who is incredibly portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. The Joker is originally Arthur Fleck, a clown-for-hire who aspires to be a stand-up comedian. Unfortunately for Arthur, people always seem to be laughing at him – not with him.

Despite his dedicated attempts to fit into the cruel world around him, Fleck is consistently bullied and disregarded by society. This isolation leads him through a slow journey to madness and destruction, transforming him from the ‘weird’ Arthur Fleck to the ruthless criminal mastermind- Joker. It is disturbing and difficult to watch – yet impossible to take your eyes away from the screen.

I learned from this film. It made me think. Even now, a month after, I still think about it. Next year, I’ll probably still be thinking about it – this is the impact that all great films should have on their viewers.

Joker is a compelling, dark story of what being isolated from society can do. It offers a different perspective on how people perceive criminals. Throughout the film, I felt the Joker’s pain and sympathised with him, even during his scenes of violence and madness.

Unfortunately, if you’re a die-hard Batman fan, this film will probably throw you off. It tells its disturbing story without an apology and although there are a few links in the film to Batman/Gotham, this isn’t the central point of the narrative. 

I definitely think it was a well-made movie, and Phoenix’s acting was impeccable, so I highly recommend you watch it. Maybe it will make you think twice before making fun of your local ‘freak’. 

Words by Zara Antonia

Edited by Vicky Sales

Khushi and Vicky are your entertainment editors

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