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I give this book one lightning bolt!





JK Rowling has said “Harry Potter’s world never leaves my head”, but when it comes to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child it really should have stayed there. I wish I wasn’t a muggle so I could say “Sectumsempra” and rip this book to shreds!

*Warning spoilers below*

 I can’t place all the blame on Rowling herself, the play was also written by Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany.

I have seen many positive reviews of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, so here comes my unpopular opinion- prepare yourselves Potter fans, and don’t hate me. I swear I’m usually one of you!

I’m the first girl to raise my hand and say I’m a Potter fan, I’m not ashamed to admit It. I’m the person who stayed up for a solid 24 hours trying to answer the secret question on, which gave you exclusive early entry on to the website.  All I’m going to say is… worth it!

I have a Harry Potter tattoo so I’m pretty much dedicated for life, but the decision to get Snape’s iconic line “Always.” tattooed on my skin has been questionable of late, because I’m not always a JK Rowling fan….

I bought Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and felt so excited, but as I turned the pages I was thrown into a world of plot holes, beloved characters whose personalities are now unrecognisable, and a Hogwarts which no longer feels like home.

But first a little context, fans have always gone crazy for any snippets of information JK Rowling will give them, and finally she has given them what they asked for.

The Cursed Child takes place many years after The Battle of Hogwarts and follows on from Harry Potter’s farewell to his youngest son Albus, who fears being put into house Slytherine.

Albus inevitably is placed into Slytherine were he befriends Draco Malfoy’s only son Scorpios, and the relationship unsettles an aging Harry Potter who just can’t seem to connect with Albus.

Albus wishes to prove himself as a Potter and with the help of a time turner that allows the boys to travel to any event in recent history they attempt to bring back Cedric Diggory, who even Harry himself regrettably failed to save in The Goblet of Fire.

(Now if you have read the book you will be following me, but if not, well, erm, keep an open mind this gets tricky)

The plot thickens and after a series of events Diggory avoids his own death at the hands of the infamous wizard Voldemort, as Scorpios and Albus throw off the Triwizard Tournament and make Diggory lose every event. Therefore, he never got killed in the maze because he never had the chance to.

But this change has a catastrophic/ an overly dramatic butterfly effect, and so the adventure to correct best friends Albus and Scorpius’s endeavours begin.

Diggory’s shameful loss makes him bitter and evil and goes on to align himself with Voldemort’s cause, (yes a bitter and Evil Hufflepuff! I didn’t see that one coming either)

Diggory who was described as “infinitely fair-minded” “good, kind, and brave”, has become one of Voldemort’s fans (what a logical jump in character!?)

Oh… and don’t even get me started on the fact Voldemort now has a daughter with his loyal follower Bellatrix Lestrange in the eighth instalment of the series. From the awkward hug with Malfoy, who knew Voldemort could be getting between the sheets with Bellatrix (human contact doesn’t seem to be his thing). Although, who can resist a bit of Helena Bonham Carter. To think she had a baby one day and The Great Battle of Hogwarts the next, even with magic I’m pretty sure child birth is one hell of a pain.

To say I was unimpressed by reading the play is probably an understatement, it felt more like she was grabbing on straws to create another critically acclaimed piece of work, either that, or getting Pattinsons fan girls off her back for killing the oh so husky actor in her fourth film.

Although, very few have had bad words to say about the Broadway show, maybe the story won’t be as disappointing when it has a visual element.

I’ll have to wait and see.


Words by Heather Finnamore

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