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The Manchester-based four-piece Everything Everything have maintained perfection ever since their 2010 debut, Man Alive.

Get to Heaven marks their third album and it radiates maturity and experience from the off.

The band deserves masses of praise for their unceasing ability to be smart with their lyrics – check the wordplay in ‘Regret’, (Did you think that everything, everything would change?).

Likewise, the band isn’t afraid to tackle real life issues, with a theme of catastrophe, destruction and violence echoing throughout the record.

Get to Heaven is just as complete and as polished as their last album Arc. The record is packed full of wistful verses laced with pumping percussion. Unlike many other modern albums, it is not forcefully constrained by genre, but flows toward whichever style suits a particular track, be that soft folk or heavier rock.

Lead single ‘Distant Past’ is a definite standout track, with Higgs’ charisma and mesmerizing falsetto deservingstand-alone praise. The lyrics, in true Everything Everything style, are pretty unhinged (“Saw off all my stinkin’ limbs”), but the band wouldn’t be being true to themselves if they started actually relishing in their humanity, would they? The mix of electro and live percussion in the chorus makes the icky lyrics worth it and you can enjoy the funky pulse and Higgs’ impressive falsetto.

Get to Heaven will lure you in and trap you in a constant routine of hitting the replay button and contemplating your life choices (namely ‘why was I born without the talent to create music like this!’)


Words by Rebecca Stubbs

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