Q&A: Natalia Tena brings sexy sirens and salty sea dogs to Sheffield with band Molotov Jukebox

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Gypsy step band Molotov Jukebox will be playing a series of UK shows this November.

The bands front woman is British actress Natalia Tena who has taken over our screens in big hits such as Harry Potter as Nymphadora Tonks and wildling Osha in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Molotov jukebox are coming to Sheffield with their nautical new single Just for Thrills On the 25th November.

We talked to Natalia about the upcoming shows which will bring a bit of tropical summer fun to a cold November day.

As a collective the band is quite big, do you want to tell us a bit about you?

Yes, we are basically a tropical gypsy fusion that want to make everyone dance, our mission to make everyone feel happy, just have a good old meet up.

Your sound has been described as fun and original,  did you always feel inspired to write tropical styled music?

I don’t know, when I first started writing it was about things that you felt, its definitely evolved now.

The current tour is called just the thrill what do you and band do for fun and thrills?

For thrills and fun … Personally I like going to stand up comedy, as a band I don’t know, our thrills are more about travelling going to exotic places that’s always the biggest thrill. We have just done a video that’s incredibly fun, its about getting everyone to dress up in a very nautical vibe.

Many people know you mostly from your acting roles in Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones, what came first your love of acting or music? 

I first started playing the piano from the age of five, I did all the grades. my first experience of acting was actually in theatre for five years. In theatre I got to combine a lot of music. I have always been attracted to both but I think music actually did come first, because I started playing at five years old.

Where are you looking forward to playing on the tour?

I’m actually excited for Sheffield because I have never really played there, I have done theatre in Sheffield but never actually a gig with a band. I love playing our favourites like Manchester and London obviously.

 Is there anything else you would like our readers at Liberty Belle to know about this tour?

Yes, we are really excited to do the gigs with our nautical theme and hope everyone is excited. Our dress code is sexy sirens and salty sea dogs so I hope you will get yourselves involved, we hope for a lot of dancing!

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Words by Heather Finnamore

Khushi is your entertainment editor

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