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Product review: Lipcote

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With the humid weather already upon us, making sure your make up stays looking fresh throughout the day seems like an impossible challenge. But one of the biggest signs of wear on your face can be patchy and faded lipstick.
Spending on your money and time on the perfect lipstick can feel hopeless when it can’t even survive a sandwich, or a cocktail, or just generally being out and about. Although a lot of lipsticks claim to be long lasting, the impending doom of ‘the lip liner effect’ always hangs over us.
I tested out Lipcote with three different lipsticks to see what difference it made and whether it actually worked, and I was pleased with the results.













Lipcote is a quick and easy way to literally keep your lips sealed (well, your lipstick anyway). Within seconds, lipstick is provided with a coat of armour to see it through the day. It does smell quite strong when you initially put it on, and it is a liquid consistency, but dries very quickly on the lips. Throughout the day it didn’t actually feel like I had lipstick on.
The product is only around £4 and is in handy little packaging that’s perfect to throw in your bag, and it actually did prevent my lipstick going as patchy or faded and across a long period of time (and after a meal or two).
Overall, I would recommend this bargain high street product, especially for parties or festivals throughout the summer.

Saya Uotani and Rebecca Curry are your health & beauty editors

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