Pride 2020: fashion brand supports black trans charity

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Jacqueline Loekito will be donating 25% of the money generated from her “no matter your gender love unites us” t-shirts to the Okra Project. The Okra Project seeks to address the global crisis of food insecurity faced by black trans people, by bringing them meals to wherever they are. 

Black trans chefs visit the homes of black trans people to cook them free, delicious and nutritious meals. One session costs the project $90, which is why donations are so important. They also developed the #FeedTheSoul initiative, which focuses on creating a community and providing resources. They hope that creating affinity spaces will inspire personal development and for those in the community to feed their souls.

Ianne Fields Stewart, who is the founder and co-facilitator of the project, is a black, queer, non binary transfeminine. She is based in New York and is currently a storyteller working at the intersection of theatre and activism. She also developed the Okra Academy, which is a weekend training program taught by their chefs. Black trans people are invited to learn kitchen basics and recipes, which will not only benefit their everyday life but prepares them to potentially work as chefs.

The Jacqueline Loekito label was established in 2018 and it focuses on all genders sharing clothing. Jacqueline wants to popularise pink for all genders, which is why it is the main colour of her collection. Since completing a Masters degree at the Institute of Fashion, she has continued to live and work in Basel, Switzerland. One of her main aims is to make Switzerland more colourful and daring. 

The AW20 collection embodies the label’s main aim, which is to encourage people to share their clothes with their partner or friends of any gender. She hopes to make a contribution to the sustainability of the fashion industry by encouraging people to share their clothes, which also cuts costs. They describe the concept as an “inherently communal experience”.

June is Pride Month, which inspired Jacqueline to make a donation to the Okra Project. The donation will be gratefully received by the project and will make a significant difference to the number of black trans people receiving meals.

Written by Katie Wheatley

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