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Punching holes into your body may seem unappealing to some. To others, however, this is a fashion statement. 

You can get piercings just about anywhere: ears, nose, lip, tongue and even to that *ahem* intimate part of your body (who knew, hey?).

An ear piercing, for example, can add glamour to any outfit. Our editors Madeleine and Olivia have given their advice and told us about their own experiences with ear piercings. So, whether it’s answers on aftercare that you’re looking for or ways to style your jewellery, look no further.


NUMBER OF PIERCINGS: 5 (6, including a nose piercing)


I remember when I first had my ears pierced at the ripe age of seven, after months of begging my Mum to let me get them done. I remember feeling so grown up at the time and nearly 13 years later, I have six different piercings allowing me to wear an abundance of jewellery.

So where did I get my piercings done?

Be sure to do your research! I personally look at anywhere that uses a needle as this is generally a hygienic way of piercing and not damaging to your ear. I’d also recommend going to a piercer who is local to you as, if you have an issue during your healing time or you need to change your piercing/s, you will be able to see them easily.

If you’re in Sheffield and are looking for somewhere to get them done, I had all four of my piercings (that includes my second lobe piercings, my tragus and my nose piercing) done at the Owl and Pussycat on Division Street and I honestly can’t recommend then enough. The girls in the shop make you feel extremely comfortable and anytime I’ve had any issues when my piercings were healing, they’ve been more than happy to help. For aftercare, I was told to use warm salt water every two to three days as the salt is a natural antiseptic and would help to clean the piercing. I loved this method as, if I had any issues with the piercing, it would soothe it. 

Now for pain rating. 

I am the kind of person who has a high pain tolerance so for me, my tragus piercing didn’t hurt as much as I expected. However, it did hurt more afterwards so be sure to have some painkillers on hand.

I love my piercings overall and would say that any short-term pain is definitely worth the final outcome. 






I think I was around eight when I got my lobes pierced. I had them done at Claire’s (good old Claire’s, THE place to go to all those years ago for your ear piercings) and it was done with a stapler-esque piece of equipment.

For my first lobe piercings the pain was very little, if not nothing. Similar to a pinch. When I went back to have my helix done, however, this was a different story. 

For my helix, and my further three lobe piercings, I went to two separate piercing places in Leeds (I honestly cannot remember the name of the place where I had my helix done but, for my further lobe piercings, they were done at a place called ‘Silver Lining Piercing and Jewellery’). The pain for my helix was much more intense, I would even liken it to having my tattoos done, but it was short-term. And that’s the good thing about piercings- most are over and done with within seconds. 

The lobe piercings again, didn’t hurt much, but other places in the ear do such as the daith (this is the small piece of cartilage inside your ear). But, like I said, the pain is short-term so if you want a cute stud or little hoop in your daith then go for it! 

I was told, like Olivia, to clean my piercings regularly. I was given the ‘After Piercing’ Lotion by Studex and I cleaned my helix and lobes every day with a cotton-bud. I had no infections or problems at all and was extremely careful in the first few weeks after having them done.

I haven’t any piercings beside my ears but I would definitely go back to have more done. The pain is bearable- in most areas- and the aftercare is relatively simple. Plus, you can style your ears in any way imaginable- here are some ways I style mine:

1. Little studs can look simple yet elegant, all day every day.

2. Have a statement earring at the forefront do the talking.

3. Layer hoops, from large to small, for a glamorous and symmetrical look.

4. Don’t be afraid to mix metals! The days of sticking to just gold or silver are over.

I have an incredibly low pain tolerance so your experiences may vary to mine but here’s how I found it.



We hope that we’ve managed to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Or, in the very least, given you some styling ideas! 

Written by Madeleine Gill and Olivia Ann Schofield

Flora and Katie are your fashion editors

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