OPINION: Is Lindsay Lohan perpetuating rape culture?

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Victims of sexual assault are often put on trial after coming forward to tell their stories of abuse. They are regularly questioned to what their ‘true motive’ is.

“I bet they’re doing it for the money” or “Why didn’t they tell anyone at the time?”

Rape culture is a nonchalant attitude to sexual assault, harassment or rape. It’s the “I bet she was asking for it” rhetoric. Rape culture is all about blaming the victim and ostracising them, instead of calling for the perpetrator to own up to their actions.

One of Hollywood most influential producers, Harvey Weinstein has been accused by over 30 women of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape.

Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars came out to condemn him, the likes of Meryl Streep and George Clooney said there was “no place for these actions in Hollywood or the world.”

Lindsay Lohan, however, used her platform to tell her fans that she felt bad for Weinstein and that it wasn’t right what was happening to him. She also said that she worked with him lots of times over the years and he’s never done anything to her.

Lohan’s defence of Weinstein highlights why so few women come forward after sexual assault and why 2 out of 3 of all rapes go unreported ( . Rape culture is that disturbing mentality where “if it hasn’t happened to me then it can’t be happening anywhere else or to anyone else. ”

Lohan believes that because Weinstein never harmed her personally that he must not have done it to all these other women who are accusing him. Her complete obliviousness was quickly called out on social media, which then resulted in her deleting the video she posted online.

It’s easy to forget in these circumstances that Lindsay Lohan was a childhood star, who turned quickly into a teen idol and then a sex symbol all by the time she reached 20 years old. She’s grown up in an industry that often exploits women and silences their struggles.

Do I think her reaction is an example of rape culture? Not necessarily. Let’s focus on the wider issue: why was Weinstein allowed to carry on this abuse for years?

Words by Angelica Giugno

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