Nine tips for your graduate job search

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As pressure builds this semester and those awkward questions loom: “What are you going to do after you graduate?” we thought it was best to list some reminders to keep you calm and ready for life after graduation.

1. Don’t jump on the postgraduate hype

This isn’t meant to put you off further study if that’s the goal, but don’t do it just for the sake of it. It’s a big financial investment, there is no support from Student Finance and it doesn’t always make you more employable than before.

If you are looking to do a post-grad you’ll need to dedicate time into looking at choices – as much as you did  for your first degree, so don’t make a hasty decision.

2. Save cash during your search

Find a part-time job and earn some cash to keep you ticking over while you are looking for graduate jobs. Waitressing or bar work is perfect for evenings so you can pop along to interviews and search for jobs in the day.

3. Personalise your application

Most jobs will require you to submit at least a cover letter and CV and whilst it might seem easier to send the same documents to each job application – just don’t. Tailor your cover letter to the job in hand, to increase your chances of being called to interview.

4. Don’t ignore the obvious

Recruitment agencies are a quick way of finding work and with them being paid commission for finding you a job – they want you to get one almost as much as you do. It’s good to get an extra pair of helping hands on your CV, interview tips and pitching skills.

5.  It’s partly who you know

If a family/friend knows somebody who works in your desired sector, use that. Ask for work experience, a coffee so you can get advice or maybe even a job. The worst they can say is no.

6. Be honest with yourself

You may have become obsessed with the idea of getting that job, but if you accept an offer knowing it is not the job you want, you will find yourself disappointed, unmotivated and looking for other jobs within a few months. Be honest with yourself.

7. Use social media to your advantage

Your twitter addiction may actually come in handy. Follow people with your dream job, tweet them and retweet things related to the industry. Make sure your twitter account is professional and not just containing tweets about your messy night out in Corp.

8. Don’t forget smaller businesses

While it’s amazing getting a job for the BBC or Goldman Sachs, you’ll face much less competition for graduate jobs if you apply to smaller companies. This also helps moving up on the snakes and ladders board, once you’ve been there a while bigger companies are more likely to hire you, with more experience than a fresh graduate.

9. Be active

As simple at it sounds, keep moving forward. Don’t be disheartened whilst job hunting. Keep yourself busy with activities surrounding your dream job in the meantime. Show employers you’re dedicated to the career, by taking free online courses or interning inbetween.  This will make you stand out.


By Abbie-Joelle Skliarsky

Aminah Khan is your Editor-in-Chief

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