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Sophie Theallet will not be dressing Melania Trump and she urges other designers to do the same  

Sophie Theallet, one of the designers responsible for dressing Michelle Obama, has vowed not to dress new First Lady Melania Trump and is urging other designers to do the same. In many ways, the statement comes as no surprise, with the fashion industry consistently speaking out against Trump and his values in the run-up to the presidential election. Theallet, who was the first member of the CFDA to speak out about the issue, posted an open letter on social media encouraging other designers to refuse to dress the First Lady. In comparison with the people who are scared for their fundamental rights during the Trump presidency, this act may seem privileged and insignificant. However, it is important that the fashion industry is practicing what it preaches and not docilely accepting the Trump leadership.

Tommy Hilfiger: Designers Should be Proud to Dress Melania Trump

Tommy Hilfiger will not be joining Sophie Theallet’s call to arms, however, as he has stated that designers should be proud to dress Melania Trump. Hilfiger has a history with the Trump family, and Ivanka has been cast in his campaigns in the past. Dressing the First Lady is undoubtedly a prestigious task, and a sign of industry success but, under the circumstances, Hillfiger’s comments seem selfishly opportunistic. He added, “I don’t think people should become political about it.” Yet, dressing the new First Lady has become political, whether Hilfiger likes it or not and his comments in support of the Trumps could potentially damage his brand.


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Ralph Lauren will be receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Fashion Awards in 2 weeks

Ralph Lauren will receive the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Fashion Awards in two weeks’ time. The announcement, which was made earlier this week, means that Lauren will join the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Terry and Tricia Jones, in winning this prestigious award. The New York-based designer founded the brand in 1967, and it has since come to define American fashion. Whether you like their clothes or not, it is easy to see why Lauren is receiving this award. Ralph Lauren is a household name; one that has transcended fashion into people’s everyday lives.

Urban Outfitters settles lawsuit with Navajo Nation

The five-year-long legal battle between Urban Outfitters and the Navajo Nation was settled this week. The dispute began over Urban Outfitter’s use of traditional Navajo patterns on their products, which the brand profited from without gaining permission from the Navajo Nation. The terms of the legal agreement remain confidential, but the claims of the case have been reconciled. It has also been revealed that the Navajo Nation have plans to collaborate with Urban Outfitters on a Native American jewellry collection. The legal battle, which began in 2012, adds to current conversations about cultural appropriation. This is not the only time Urban Outfitters have been called out for their offensive designs. The popular brand has also sold t-shirts saying “Eat less” and a board game called “Ghettopoly” that featured racist stereotypes of African Americans.



The Vogue Fashion Fund prize will now be split between 3 winners

The Vogue Fashion Fund is implemental in scouting and helping young design talent. The £200,000 prize is undoubtedly life changing. However, in 2017, instead of all that money going to just one designer, it will be split between three. The move aims to help a wider range of up-and-coming artists. Now, more than ever, fashion graduates struggle to make ends meet when creating and presenting a collection is so expensive, on top of London’s rising rent prices and student debt. The three winners will also receive mentoring from industry experts and make invaluable connections. Recipients of the award will get advice on business strategy, an aspect of the industry that often trips up creative young designers. Previous recipients, Christopher Kane, Erdem and Mary Katrantzou have become some of the most successful designers in British fashion.


Christopher Kane is amongst previous winners. Credit:

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