New year new me?

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It’s the dreaded phrase that seems to come around every year: new year new me.

There is some sense in starting the year off as you mean to go on, and ditching the junk food post Christmas-binge. Making healthy changes to your lifestyle doesn’t need to be a chore, and it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive.

There are little changes that you can make to ease you into a healthier year, and although it’s argued that change can take place whenever, there’s nothing like a landmark date to start you off.

1. Drink less wine, drink more water

Now you don’t necessarily need to go completely sober for January, but cutting down on alcohol and sipping on more water is the simplest way to kick start your healthy diet. I could bang on about how good water is for us, but ultimately we all know it anyway. If you get bored of water easily, try mixing it up with different teas such as green tea and peppermint tea. If you make one change, make it this.

2. Ban the bus

With exception, i.e. extreme weather/extreme dash to a seminar, walk everywhere and anywhere. Gyms are expensive, so little changes such as this and using the stairs rather than taking the lift, will make more of a difference than you may think.

3. Five is the magic number

From a young age we’ve been instructed by our elders to always make sure we get our 5 a day. But instead of it still being a punishment, make it fun. Smoothies, veg and hummus dips, banana topped cereal, are all tasty ways of incorporating fruit and vegetables without it feeling like a chore.


Ultimately, it’s as simple as that. Obviously be careful with treat foods, but if you eat well and focus on these three tips, you’re going to feel the benefit. Calorie restricted diets, or fad diets, will only work for so long, until you end up craving all the foods you cut out and you fall off the wagon.

It’s all about little changes to ease you into the year. A drastic diet that commences at 12am on January 1st will never work, unless you have intense willpower. Treating these changes as punishment will only push you off track as your body will crave all the bad things you’re starving it of. Now finish off all that leftover Christmas food, and stop being so harsh on yourself.


Words by May Loonam

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