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Natural Beauty Hacks to save your winter skin!

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By Yasivini Raveendra.

We all go through different problems in our youth; acne, dry lips, brittle hair and many other problems that can crop up on your body due to puberty and other conditions.

It can be infuriating when you’re getting ready for a date or a night out and suddenly a pimple decides to pop up or the dry skin on your lip decides to crack and ruin your lipstick.

What’s even worse is that the treatment products can be expensive and not something you want to spend your student loans on.

So here is a list of magical products that you can use to help with all your beauty problems and help you get that glowing skin for a reasonable price!

Aloe Vera

The gel inside the plant is a holy grail beauty product.

Having pimples, scars and all types of blemishes on your face is probably the worst thing you can get. So instead of spending hundreds on some special treatment for your skin, you can always use Aloe Vera!

The plant can work miracles on your face, leaving it glowing after use. Of course, you can’t expect an instant result but it does work after a prolonged use!

You buy Aloe Vera from most supermarket stores – they sell huge ones on Sheffield’s Moor Market. All you have to do is cut a small piece of the Aloe Vera plant up, and rub the gel that it produces over your blemishes. The gel will reduce the swelling and prevent bacteria from infecting your acne wounds.


With many soothing properties honey is another natural ingredient for beautiful skin.


Next on my list is raw organic honey. Honey has been known to have many healing features to it and was used to heal wounds in ancient times– even Cleopatra knew this so obviously honey is a miracle worker.

For your skin, you can just use a simple honey mask. Scoop out 3 teaspoons of raw honey and add in ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, mix then apply it over your face and leave it on for at least 15 to 30 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Cinnamon is very strong so use this mask only once a week and do a test patch on your hand before applying it to your face.

The honey and cinnamon will destroy acne and leave your skin glowing and baby soft after prolonged use!

Eggs and olive oil

Eggs are an unusual beauty product but can be used to get glowing hair!


Always have bad hair days? Or maybe irritating split ends? There are many magical ingredients that will be easy on your pocket and can work wonders! And also since it is all natural, your hair will be thanking you constantly.

First on the list, Eggs. Besides tasting amazing, they can work for your hair struggles too!

Packed with a lot of proteins, they will nourish and strengthen your hair, leaving you with luscious locks.

You can make a simple hair mask with eggs, Aloe Vera (I told you Aloe Vera was magical) and olive oil – another effective product for soft hair and soft skin.

Mix the egg yolk, a scoop of Aloe Vera gel and 1 tablespoon of olive oil together. Be sure to heat up the olive oil for about 10 seconds before adding to the mixture. Apply the mask on your hair, starting with the roots.

After 30 minutes, wash your hair with cold water and embrace your shiny and strong locks! Use this mask weekly for the best results!

Next, Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil if you prefer, can also have nourishing effects on your scalp. Apply the oil to your hair and leave it on for at least 20 minutes before you wash it off. To lighten your hair, mix olive oil with honey and apply it as a mask. Do it weekly to see the best results!

Another surprising ingredient but will leave you feeling softer than ever.


Olive Oil can also be used to moisturize your body if you wish. You can apply it after your shower every day and dab it off! You will be left with baby soft skin after continuous use!

Brown Sugar and Lemon Juice

Scrub away dry lips with simple sugar.


The final product will be needed for those lips! You’re going to need them to be in good condition in the winter weather. Here is the list of products that you will definitely need for baby soft lips!

First is brown sugar. You can make a simple lip scrub with brown sugar and honey. Simply mix the two ingredients together and add some cinnamon to it to plump your lips!

Apply the mixture and let it sit for 15 minutes before removing it with lukewarm water.

For luscious red lips, apply lemon juice over your lips every day! You can mix lemon juice with brown sugar too and use it as another lip scrub!

These holy grail products are very easy on your wallet and will produce amazing results – but be patient! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good luck and get glowing!

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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