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Invest in your skin care regime

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Our skin goes through a lot during the day and evening due to environmental stresses as such as air conditioning, wind and sun damage, not to mention bacteria that’s in the air. Skin care regimes are important for this reason alone, whether it takes you 10 minutes or 1 hour it’s essential to use some form of product or homemade recipe to give your skin the benefits it lacks due to these stresses.

Make-up is the second reason why we should be maintaining some form of skincare regime. A lot of make-up users are still reaching for those make-up wipes or 3-in-1 ‘cleansing wipes’ that seriously do nothing for your skin. If you are using wipes on your face now, ask yourself this question ‘would I skip a bath and use wipes to clean myself with for the rest of my life?’ Nope, I don’t think anyone would. Now ask yourself why you wouldn’t do it – you’ll probably be feeling as though the answer is simply this – ‘It doesn’t seem hygienic and I wouldn’t feel clean.’

My skincare regime is quick and simple and it works. If your regime needs sprucing up or you’re just starting to plan out your regime, then read on for suggested products and see how I maintain my skin care.

Morning Routine

Each and every morning I wash my face with clear water and then proceed to brushing my face with my No7 cleansing brush combined with their melting gel cleanser. Once I’ve completed that, I then re-wash my face with clear water and pat dry with a fresh flannel.

I then wash my cleansing brush and my flannel. If you use a tool on your face as such as a brush or exfoliating mitt, it’s crucial to wash after use or sterilize them so all bacteria and dirt is banished before you use them again.

The next step is simple – I dab a cotton pad in toner and gently dab it around the t-zone area of my face where dirt could get back in. Toner is brilliant for cleaning out the pores and also for closing them up so no bad bacteria can get into our skin. I use Garnier or Simples Toners as they are perfect for sensitive skin.

I then simply finish up with the no7 beautiful skin daily moisturiser and apply Simple’s Eye Roll on to reduce puffiness in the eye area.

Night Time Routine

The night time routine isn’t too different from my morning regime. I wash and cleanse using my No7 brush and melting gel cleanser and tone afterwards and then apply a night cream. I use No7’s beautiful skin night cream.

I then use Simple’s eye soothing balm to diminish the appearance of puffiness though-out the night and also to help my eyes become settled ready for a night’s sleep.

I also smear on some antiseptic cream, like Savlon or Germaline to area’s where I’m prone to get pimples. – I find that these products work a lot better than products specifically made for pimples. I have tried thousands of over the counter spot treatments and if I’m honest, they made me break out even more. Antiseptic creams are definitely the way forward.

So there you have it! My day and night time routine. It probably takes me 10-15 minutes, which isn’t too overwhelming and my skin thanks me for it later. If you’re looking to start or change your skin care regime then you may want to have a look at products similar to these:




Simple’s Eye Care Range – There’s one for night time which helps you to get a better night’s sleep and reduces puffiness by the morning. I’ve used the soothing eye balm for over a year now and it never fails to amaze me, it’s not an expensive product and it works wonders. It makes my eyes tired and I always sleep well once I’ve applied it.

Plus, there’s the morning time eye roll-on which helps to diminish signs of tiredness and fatigued dull skin. It really does give your eyes a wake up boost in the morning and you feel refreshed once it’s applied.

No7 Melting Gel Cleanser – Possibly the best cleanser I have ever used. Sometimes you’re better off buying products that are a little pricey as the consistency is quality and they last twice as long as cheaper brands, plus – when you’re applying chemicals to your face you want them to be of quality so you don’t harm your skin. Quality is always best with skin care.

Crème De La Mer Moisturizer – This leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and again, lasts a very long time. Paying that little bit extra will come with benefits, I assure you.  It gives skin a really good nourishing boost with this or a product similar to it.

Dermalogica Active Toner – You can buy toners in a bottle, tube, spritz or pump form whatever way you buy it, just make sure as it’s a quality brand and read up reviews before you buy. Most toners give the sensation of burning and leave skin really irritated and pigmented. If you don’t purchase anything else expensive, make sure your toner is of quality at least.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser – There are quite a few Vitamin C products you will find in Body Shop and they’re all truly brilliant. Vitamin C is the best thing for you when you’re ill or when you feel a little tired or under the weather. Give your face a vibrant boost with these Vitamin C Products, I highly recommend the face wash and this moisturiser.

Cleansing Brush – There are many out there, some as little as £5 and some varying in the £100’s, I use No7’s cleansing brush and it works brilliant on me. I highly recommend getting one of these as they have many benefits and leave your skin feeling super squeaky clean.
Words by Amy Thompson

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