The Month in Music: June

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This month has been full of good music; including highly anticipated releases and some pleasant surprises. Here’s our top picks…


Bugzy Malone – Facing Time (ALBUM)

It’s his second studio album and Bugzy Malone is as bold and ballsy as he has ever been. After his breakout ‘Walk With Me’, a few hard-hitting singles, and an epic Fire in the Booth, Bugzy dropped this album titled ‘Facing Time’. He spits over impressive and gritty beats but it’s the hard-hitting lyrics that grab your attention in this album. Just by listening to a few tracks Bugzy guides you through his life and you learn that he had a rough upbringing, doing questionable things to survive, and inevitably spending time in prison. He’s transparent as this album gives an honest insight into the experiences behind his lyrics. It’s a step-up from the shallow and pointless lyrics of commercial grime hooks. Not only is this an enjoyable listen due to the diversity in sound but after listening to the album in full, a mere eight tracks, you feel like you know the artist behind the music. This is something that differentiates Bugzy from rappers like Skepta and has a huge part to play in his fast rise to success. This album is a huge move forward for grime and even bigger for Bugzy Malone as an artist.

Top tracks;

  • Facing Time
  • Moving
  • Beauty and the Beast

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Kanye West ft. Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travi$ Scott, Yo Gotti, Quavo, Desiigner – Champions (SINGLE)

This is the first single from the upcoming album ‘Cruel Winter’, which will be the sequel to G.O.O.D Music’s 2012 release ‘Cruel Summer’, and features a joint production from Lex Luger and A-Trak. The first notable thing about this single is the impressive list of features, which is expected from a compilation by the G.O.O.D Music label. Kanye even promised a 12-15 minute version of the track which will feature all of the artists signed to the label, but this is yet to be released. This track gives all G.O.O.D Music fans everywhere hope for the upcoming album and sets a high bar for the quality that is expected from the rest of the tracks. Travi$ Scott delivers an impressive hook that features throughout the single and the remaining artists hold nothing back on their individual verses. The artwork for ‘Champions’ is, however, scarily similar to that of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Suck it and See’. Many critics say that Ye has ripped off the band while other hopefuls say that it is a homage paid to the Monkeys.

kanye img

Clams Casino ft. Vince Staples – All Nite (SINGLE)

Clams Casino was crowned the ‘king of Summer’ after his popular release ‘I’m God’ featuring Lil B three years ago, but this single sees Clams heading for a different direction. ‘All Nite’ is one of three recent releases from Clams Casino in the lead up to the release of his debut album ’32 Levels’ and features rapper Vince Staples – a collaboration that has previously been responsible for some epic tracks such as ‘Norf Norf’. The joint venture includes vivid lyricism on top of bleak production, which is reflected in the trippy music video for the single constructed of a non-stop flow of camera lenses that disrupt yet interact with one another. The album is expected on July 15.

Two Door Cinema Club – Are We Ready? (Wreck) (SINGLE)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC) but this month they released a single from their highly-anticipated third studio album which they say will be dropped ‘soon’. The band have always managed to create a sleek sound whilst making it impossible for you to refrain from tapping your toes along to the guitar strings. The track is minimalistic and simple, with little involvement other than a children’s choir chanting the odd ‘nah nah nah nah’, jittering guitar strings, and a bass hidden in the backseat. The song is a good hint as to what to expect from the next album and shows that TDCC haven’t lost their knack of making you want to dance.

Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy (SINGLE)

Jamie T likes to go off the radar for a while before he treats us to new music, for example he took a five year absence from music before he released his third album ‘Carry on the Grudge’ in 2014. So it makes sense that this is the first we’ve heard from him since he released his ‘Magnolia Melancholia’ EP last year. There’s a huge rocky feel to this track, which features a sample of a monologue from actress Florence Bell. The track is exciting and sounds completely different to Jamie’s past releases, pulling influences from bands like Rage Against the Machine and nabbing their angry fire. Drums and synths thud and crash all the way through the production while Jamie talks about eery nightmares. We’re now expecting a lot from his next record.

jamie img copy

Khalid – Let’s Go (SINGLE)

It’s early stages for this 18 year old singer but his voice is so uniquely soulful that it could work with almost any sound. Even though he’s only just getting started, Khalid is already showing signs of some serious versatility. Khalid is still riding a wave following the success of his last release ‘Location’ but now he’s released this follow-up track ‘Let’s Go’. This is a catchy, feel-good song and has the potential to be the theme song to Summer 2016 as it lends itself to a more pop-oriented style. This kid is one to watch.

Danny Brown – When It Rain (SINGLE)

Danny Brown is quite literally the definition of haphazard but this is what makes his music so unpredictable and, consequently, great. Be it his daring lyrics or signature squawk, Danny proves that he is capable of doing anything, anywhere. ‘When It Rain’ is no exception to his boundary-pushing tendencies. Danny raps over a looping beat and sounds as hyperactive as ever – he is unmatchable in delivery and it’s needless to say that his voice is one of a kind. When he puts all of his finest elements together he could quite easily be up there with the best rappers of our time.

danny img

Kid Cudi – Goodbye (SINGLE)

Cudi has announced that he will be releasing not one, but two albums this year. It’s unclear as to whether ‘Goodbye’ or any of his other recent releases will feature on either of the two projects but nonetheless this track is one in it’s own right. ‘Goodbye’ shows Cudi moving away from the singing/shouting that we’ve seen in ‘Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven’ and returning to the sounds of ‘Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager’. The song is high-energy and produced by himself and Dot Da Genius, aka WZRD, and samples Pink Floyd’s ‘Goodbye Cruel World’. The track kicks off with a strong soundbite from Juice (1992): “I am crazy… But you know what else? I don’t give a f*ck.” It’s clear that Kid Cudi is cooking up some serious heat.

Pusha T ft. Jay Z – Drug Dealers Anonymous (SINGLE)

In the early stages of their career, these two rappers reminisced about the life they used to have before the fame. In this track, both Pusha T and Jay Z re-connect with their past life but, this time, with a more mature point of view. Pusha T continues his sinister streak while Jay Z responds to pundit Tomi Lahren who called him out in a rant criticising Beyoncé; “your husband is a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine”, and owns the remark. It’s a menacing track and marks Pusha’s first release since his second album ‘King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude’, which was released last December.

pusha img

Words by Sophie Nutt.

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