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What a month it was… August finally brought us the highly anticipated Frank album and some more music from Jamie T in the run up to his new album, ‘Trick’. Undoubtedly Frank stole the limelight for the month but we’ve tried our best to dig out some of our other favourites alongside the R&B genius – be sure to check them out below…


Frank Ocean – Blonde (ALBUM)

So the wait is finally over and Frank Ocean dropped his new album this month. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock/aren’t an Apple music lover/don’t want to pay for the album then you would have already listened to it and made up your own mind, but we thought we’d share our verdict on the record also. On first listen, the album, initially called ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ but later changed to ‘Blonde’, is not the ground-breaking, show-stopping, epic album that many fans were hoping for. There’s undoubtedly less radio-worthy tracks than his previous work, ‘Channel Orange’, and it is far less in your face. There are wasteful uses of features on the tracks ‘Pink + White’, which features Beyonce, and ‘Skyline To’, which features Kendrick Lamar. Both features seem pretty pointless and disappointing. However, Andre 3000’s verse on the track ‘Solo (Reprise)’ shows him in full throttle mode and the exciting instrumentals of piano riffs and jittering screeches wake up and refresh the album as it hits the midway point. The album also features a couple of skits, one of his mother being fairly similar to one in his previous album, but each are nevertheless poignant. At first, the album almost seems to pleasantly pass by like a dreamy daze and it is difficult to distinguish the separation in tracks. However, it does see Frank grow and experiment as a songwriter as the album is much more personal and intimate for himself as a person than what we’ve seen before.

Top tracks:

  • Nikes
  • Ivy
  • White Ferrari


Mick Jenkins – Spread Love (SINGLE)

Rapper Mick Jenkins released his new single ‘Spread Love’ this month as well as revealing the official release date for his upcoming debut album, ‘The Healing Component’. The new single, produced by Sango, is laid-back and features a chilled beat, allowing Jenkins to showcase his rapping ability. The relaxed production leaves nowhere for the rapper to hide and his mellow, soothing voice does not fault to please.


Jamie T – Power Over Men (SINGLE)

Jamie T has shared another single from his upcoming album, ‘Trick’, set to release in September. The single is classic Jamie T – it features a catchy hook and his classic rock and roll sound through the jerky, rhythmic guitar strings, as well as his sharp lyrics focusing on a character analysis. The video to this track is the unexpected part to this release as it features a dominatrix as it’s main subject. He’s back to doing what he does best and we’re very excited for ‘Trick’ to be released.

jamie t img

Glass Animals – How to be a Human Being (ALBUM)

Bands’ second albums are notoriously known for being produced merely out of touring boredom, however this Oxford quartet decided to use their time wisely when it came to the concept of this album. Frontman, David Bayley, recorded anecdotes of anyone and everyone that the band met through the two years of touring with their previous album, including fans, taxi drivers, and any old stranger that felt the need to unload. The album was inspired by these stories and snippets until the colourful collage was completed. He created character studies which he unveils through the use of clever lyrics. The concept behind the album may seem a little bit far-fetched but the diverse stories are subtly communicated. Despite the extreme diversity in moods throughout the album, each track – regardless of it’s story – goes hand in hand with the next. Glass Animals have made each individual story come together as a whole. It’s inventible in it’s production and is perfectly executed.

Top tracks:

  • Youth
  • Season 2 Episode 3
  • The Other Side of Paradise
  • Life Itself

glass animals img

Sampha – Blood On Me (SINGLE)

A new track from Sampha is always a treat – when his silence is broken (which is a rarity in itself) he never fails to impress us, be it as a feature or a new single, and this is no exception. Sampha’s voice normally offers a certain calmness and a melancholy sound, like in his earlier track ‘Timmy’s Prayer’, but in ‘Blood On Me’ Sampha sounds desperate and in need of help. In this track he discards the natural feeling of serenity that comes with his voice and instead there’s more force to his delivery than to what we’ve seen before. Sampha steps out of his comfort zone here to discover that even he needs relief.

sampha img

Words by Sophie Nutt.

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