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When flying there’s a lot that goes into your prep and beauty routine. Your skin gets dry and loses moisture whilst in the air, so I have created a list of travel essentials to help you frequent flyers.


Face wipes
Keep your face clean and fresh; also use oil pads if you tend to get oilier. I use Kaia Naturals ™ to keep clean and also to hydrate.

Hand sanitiser
Airports are the most germ-infested places, so I always carry around my hand sanitizer to stay germ and bacteria free. Then I use a hand cream since that can dry out your hands.

Face moisturiser
We tend to lose moisture whist flying, so keeping a face moisturiser is handy especially after using a facial wipe. My favorite is Allurvé Day Cream ™. It is oil and fragrance free lotion with nourishment and moisture to make your face glowing and radiant!

Lip treatments
I don’t know about any one else, but my lips are always really dry and chapped after a long-haul flight, so I always carry my eos ™ lip egg to keep them soft and supple.

As you work towards building up your frequent flyer miles, don’t forget to take care of your skin. I love to travel, and these things always make it more enjoyable. I definitely tend to keep a “natural look” while flying. Keeping the make up to a minimal application, and sticking to a light foundation with just a tad of blush and some mascara to finish the “natural” look. Safe travels lovelies!

Do ensure that if you follow my advice, please take into consideration that aeroplanes only allow for liquids under 100ml. So don’t pack all your favourite goodies at once – be sure to look out for minis which are safe for flight and super handy for your handbag!

Words by Krista Brumm

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