Mary Katrantzou misses the mark for Victoria’s Secret

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Last night the infamous Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired worldwide and captured the imagination of many.

Following on from last year’s successful collaboration with Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, VS decided to collaborate with yet another top designer, this year being Mary Katrantzou.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

My imagination ran wild as I dreamed up creations of eclectic embroidery and beading of which I expected to see. But the designs we received wouldn’t look out of place in the children’s swimwear section of your local Primark.

Despite not being a Balmain fan, even I must admit that their 2017 VS collection was successful in adding an edge to the usually hyper-feminine brand.

But this year I struggle to see what Katrantzou brought to the table.

The silhouettes were run of the mill and the prints were immature at best, even verging on garish.

The Models looked awkward as they clutched onto their parachute wings and don’t even get me started on those cut-out catsuits which looked as though they’d withstood an explosion in a florists.


In an interview with Vogue, Katrantzou said, “It’s designed to empower women to have fun with their undergarment and feel free to explore pattern and colour as a second skin.”


The collection certainly didn’t match this bold statement.

Perhaps what I find the most disappointing is that I had very big expectations considering how much the brand has to offer.

There’s so much more of the Mary Katrantzou brand identity that could’ve been brought into the collection.

The prints, textures, beading and embroidery that feature heavily in their main collection could all have been utilised to recreate the brands iconic whimsical pieces with a VS twist.

The creativity we’ve come to expect from Katrantzou was simply lost and what was sent down the runway was a lacklustre collection that won’t be remembered.


Words by Aditi Rane

Edited by Holly Harper

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